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'This is the last programme you'll ever need'

Who else would like to lose weight, tone up AND....stay that way for forever?

Do you feel like you have wasted precious years stuck on a vicious diet cycle and downright frustrated by your lack of results despite the hard work, the time and the money you have put in?

Men and women from Ayrshire and Glasgow are experiencing AMAZING transformations right now at the Fit Body Farm. Ayrshire's leading fat loss expert Gavin Hogarth is using his Invincible Fat Loss Formula to blast stubborn fat off his client’s bodies and change their lives FOREVER.

We don’t coach everybody with a purse and a pulse.

If you are just after the next quick fix, a pay as you go class with no accountability or if you don’t have an open mind then the Fit Body Farm really ISN’T for you. No hard feelings, please contact us and we’ll point you in the direction of a more suitable class.


If you are ready to open your mind and make a commitment to yourself then the Fit Body Farm REALLY IS for you

We understand you may be struggling with the same frustrations our current members USED to have....
  • Do you look in the mirror and you don’t recognise the person staring back at you?
  • Do your clothes not fit properly and you dread going shopping?
  • Do you lack confidence and you feel frumpy and no longer sexy?
  • Do you constantly fight cravings and feel unhealthy, bloated and tired?
  • Do you struggle with stubborn fat around your waist, hips or thighs despite every effort to shift it?
  • With over 70,000 diet books available are you confused by what really works?
  • Are you annoyed by the lack of support and poor results you get at the gym and the latest fitness classes?
  • Do you feel judged by exercising in front of other people that don't understand you?

We can help you change everything so that you achieve the happiness and confidence you deserve.

The Fit Body Farm is set in a private and discreet location where our coaches will help you get in the best shape of your life by exercising only 3 hours a week and eating unlimited food.

We don’t diet, we don’t count calories and we don’t have a points system. We provide education on eating real food that produces UNREAL results!

Success Story

Clare can't wait to try on her new figure hugging clothes

Success Story

Mother of 4 Michelle has lost 48lbs, 3 clothes sizes and got her body back

Success Story

Greg has lost 4 stones and is now sprinting up the stairs at work


How do we do it?

Outdoor-hip-raiseOur priority is to firstly improve your health which then has the knock on effect of destroying stubborn fat that no previous ‘diet’ has been able to budge.

You can expect more energy, improved sleep and, as your shape changes, a host of compliments that boost your confidence and make you feel invincible!

Appropriately our system is called the Invincible Fat Loss Formula. It consists of advanced nutrition and exercise elements specifically engineered and fused together to ‘turn on’ your fat burning switch and give you all day energy – in other words you’ll be in fat BURNING mode all day rather than struggling in fat storage mode.

You’ll receive all the benefits of personal training at a fraction of the investment with the BONUS of daily support from your specialist coaches and like minded members.

We know what we do works

That's why we have a no risk guarantee that if you aren't happy with the programme or your results after following the programme for 5 weeks the we'll refund your entire investment

What is involved

Experience Week

FBFWHATWILLIGET1This is a COMPULSORY INDUCTION for new members into the Fit Body Farm family. For 1 week you’ll live the life of a Fit Body Farm member. We’ll help you lay solid foundations and set you up for a successful journey ahead. You’ll complete 3 workouts at the farm and follow our mini nutrition manual to get you started (without overwhelming you). You may even drop a clothes size during this week! WORTH £150.

4 Week Entry Programme

FBFWHATWILLIGET1After experience week you can progress to full entry programme. This includes 12 live coaching sessions with Ayrshire’s leading personal trainers. Every workout is challenging but fun. You’ll be inspired, energised and cheered on by your like minded peers in this ‘buzzing’ large group personal training environment. WORTH £600.

Nutritional System

appleOur easy to follow nutritional system will account for 70% of the results you achieve. This isn’t a diet. We're eating wholesome, nutritious, delicious foods that the whole family will benefit from. It includes recipes, meal plans, shopping lists and secrets to achieving even faster results. WORTH £100

Recipe Book

whatwilliget4You’ll get your very own easy to follow recipe book that matches and complements our nutritional principles. It’s loaded with new and exciting breakfasts, lunches and dinners that will inspire your family and guests to follow your new healthy lifestyle. WORTH £10.

Members Only Websites

whatwilliget3You’ll get VIP access to our members only site AND our secret facebook group. The members site is filled with articles and videos with tips on getting cutting edge results. Members can also create, add and share their own recipes with each other. WORTH £79.

Unlimited Coach Support

WHATWILLIGETCONTACTImagine having your own fat loss expert, whose also your biggest fan, at the end of your phone or just an email away ready to help you achieve your dreams. You can also book 1-1 consultations with your coach to share news and agree personal action plans. WORTH £ PRICELESS.


Let's do this!
Ayrshire’s Leading Health and Fat Loss Specialist

Owner and Head Coach of Fit Body Farm

P.S Remember if you aren't happy with your results or programme after 35 days then I'll give you 100% of your money back, who's taking the risk here?

P.P.S 35 days from now you can either be 35 days older, possibly a few pounds heavier and still frustrated or you could be over a stone lighter, clothes size smaller and happier and healthier than you've ever been. Only you can choose though.

P.P.P.S If you've read all the way to here and you're still thinking about it then another 10 minutes has drifted by when nothing has actually changed. I'll be honest, nothing ever will unless you take action. Don't sit on the sidelines hoping and wishing something will change for you. You've got to make it happen. Let's do this!