11 Ways you know you’re are winning WITHOUT stepping on the scales

Is the number on the scales or your
clothes size your main measure of success
with your programme?

If it is then you’re very likely in for some
good short term results followed by a
downward spiral resulting in you being
heavier than you were before you started

Llast week I was speaking to Debbie
on the phone and she was telling me how
she’d been on every diet going
(WW, Slimming World, Scottish Slimmers,
Juice Plus, Cambridge diet etc) for 20 years.

She told me how certain ones had worked
because she’d lost 1 or 2 stones at that time.

Yet when I asked her what weight she was now
compared to 20 years ago she told she was
2 1/2 stones heavier than she was when she
started dieting.

So they didn’t really work at all then.

And that’s probably the sad reality for most
people reading this email – a lot of wasted time,
effort (physical and emotional) and money.

When will it ever stop?

Have you decided that you now longer want
a quick fix yet?

Part of the transition into feeling better,
happier and more confident is to shoot for health
rather than focusing on numbers.

Here’s 11 ways you know you’re onto a
winner WITHOUT the scales

1) When you have strategies for managing
stress that doesn’t involve chocolate or wine

2) When your energy levels are consistent
throughout the day and you don’t need a
coffee to get going in the morning or have
mid afternoon slump when you could just fall

3) When you experience bowel movement
1-2 times per day and don’t experience any
constipation or bloating.

4) When you have no problem getting to
sleep, staying asleep all night and feel wide
awake within 5 minutes of waking up

5) When you feel motivated to exercise
and eat healthily without relying on will
power all the time or feeling like you’re
being deprived.

6) When you feel fit and strong despite
getting older rather than getting out of
breath climbing stairs or running around
with your kids.

7) When you feel in control of your
hunger and cravings rather than
feeling like there’s something wrong with
you because you can’t stop yourself grabbing
something sweet.

8) When you have a high level of self belief
to take on new challenges rather than
worrying about starting incase you fail.

9) When you feel confident on a night out with
friends rather than making excuses not to go
because of how you feel when you look in the

10) When you have a clear head, feel alert
and can concentrate for long periods rather
than struggling to focus on a task, struggling
with a foggy brain, sore head or migraine.

11) When you feel happy in your work life,
social life, relationships and body rather than
having to fake smiles and pretend everything
is ok.

Where do you sit on these health markers^^^?

These are all areas we encourage our members
to progress in as when you are healthier and
happier then the number on the scales will reflect.

If you are ready to switch your focus away from
the scales and not feel like you’re on diet then
look out for my email tomorrow.

Im going to be offering the opportunity for 10
people to learn exactly how to see big improvements
in their….

Stress Levels,







Self Belief

and Happiness.

Gavin ‘switch your focus’ Hogarth

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