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What we DON’T want at the wedding…

Imagine being asked what you DON’T want as a present at Christmas. Wouldn’t be very helpful would it? (unless the person asking always gives you the same rubbish present that is). There are times though, when deciding what you DON’T want can mean big progress. Example… Laura and I have had a lot of wedding […]

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Dumped then Engaged in 10 seconds

Got engaged on Friday – wahey! But only after the usual Hogarth style wind up. Just couldn’t resist. My now fiancée Laura and I were in her lounge all done up for a big fancy shin dig, we were going to, with her family and friends. I told her I needed a serious chat – […]

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It’s a LIE

No Pain, No Gain!   I used to think that but today I’ll tell you why I now think it’s one of the worst expressions in fitness.   In fact I cringe every time I hear someone say it.   Here’s my gripe…..   When you’re a relatively inexperienced exerciser then you can easily mis-interpret […]

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