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My SECRET chocolate binges

I’ve no willpower Never have had Not sure I’ll ever acquire any Especially when it comes to food Yet I’ve been the same weight (give or take a few pounds) and more or less had the same body shape since I was 16. I’m 32 in April. How do I know I’ve no willpower? Because […]

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3 Strategies to STOP you stealing your Kids snacks

‘I keep eating my daughters chocolate’ That’s what Beth told me this morning She joined FBF at the start of January All is going well though recently she’s been eating more of the snacks in the house that are meant to be for her daughter Beth’s had a stressful time at work lately and been […]

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Can’t get my leg over

On Sunday night I just couldn’t get my leg over No matter how hard I tried I was just too stiff Ended up having to use my hands to help me get in Now, if you are thinking anything other than me trying to lift my leg into the bath then go to the docs […]

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