Sneaky Trick to Stop Cravings Beating You

Any ideas on how to reboot your brain?

Every day I’m driving home and I start
thinking about McDonald’s , Burger King,
fish and chips etc

It’s like I get to certain parts of my journey
and it triggers thoughts about these type
of foods…I haven’t acted on the thoughts…

But it’s like they are hovering around my
brain , it’s doing my head in its like having
a wee irritant sitting there.

That’s the message I got from Linda
(real name protected) this week

I’ll tell you a trick to combat this in a minute

But let me tell you this first…

Almost everyone that join’s the
Fit Body Farm reports high levels
of cravings for sugar and fatty food

I often do too…


I stop using our winning formula

We actually want you to eat more
of certain foods. When you do this
your cravings reduce dramatically.

When they start, on average,
people rate their cravings as a
2 out of 10

(1 being uncontrollable daily cravings,
10 being non at all)

After the first couple of weeks the
average is 7 out 10. So a big drop in
cravings 🙂

‘Great, my cravings are cured’

You might think that but one of
two things can easily happen

1. You think you’re finished and stop doing the basics we’ve taught you = This is the short term dieting mindset we actively discourage

2. The suction power of food companies becomes too great and you cave in time and time again

Number 2 is what ‘Constant Cravers’
struggle with the most according to the
BBC’s ‘The right diet for you’

(You might remember me talking about
the show last week?)

In part 2 they proved that constant
cravers have an INCREASED
AWARENESS of food adverts on tv,
billboards, signs, burger vans and cakes
in the shop window

Due to signals not being received
your brain is being tricked into thinking
your fat stores need replenished
ALL of the time – hence you’re always
on a ‘high food alert’.

This certainly sounds like what Linda
was struggling with

Do you experience something similar?

If you do then there’s a little mindset trick
you can try…

When you are at the supermarket, petrol
station or pass by an establishment
with a big ‘M’, or an old colonel or a
king’s crown on it.


Imagine you are at WAR with the food

You’re in a battle AGAINST THEM and
they are desperate for you to lose

You gonna let them?

Yes you still must also adopt certain
nutritional principles like we use at the
Fit Body Farm (otherwise it becomes
a willpower battle you’ll lose) but this
little trick will help reboot your brain
as well.

CLICK HERE if want the armoury so
food companies don’t defeat you

Gavin ‘to the battle field’ Hogarth

P.S You might be shocked to know
that I used to be one of your food enemies.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about the sneaky tactics
I was taught to employ to seduce you

In the mean time you might want to
consider this

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