How do you score compared to Lauren?

Let me ask you a question… 

If you were to score yourself out of 10
right now in the following areas what
would you give yourself?

> Stress (1 = Being crippled every day
by stress, 10 = Completely chilled out
and relaxed)

> Energy (1 = I feel exhausted all of the
time and need stimulants like tea, coffee,
sugar and caffeinated drinks to keep me
10 = My energy is sky high all the time
and I never need stimulants to keep my
energy up)

> Digestion (1 = I regularly feel pain/acid/
bloating/discomfort in my stomach and/or
have trouble with bowel movements,
10 = I never feel any sort of bloating, pain
or discomfort in my stomach and I experience
1 or 2 bowel movements per day

> Sleep (1 = I find it really hard to get a
good nights sleep and wake up tired and
groggy all the time, 10 = I sleep really well
and wake up with lots of energy every day).

> Concentration/Focus (1 =  I find it
impossible to stay focused when I need
to think and concentrate, 10 = I can easily
stay focused on tasks that require me to
think and use my full concentration)

> Cravings (1 = I get uncontrollable cravings
on a daily basis,  10 = I don’t get any cravings
at all)

If you’re ranking yourself 7 or less for any of
these key health markers then the chances
are you aren’t losing weight and/or most days
feel like a struggle.

This would also be my que to give you specific
things you can do focus to improve these areas.

It’s no coincidence that one of our members
Lauren has ranked herself 8’s, 9’s or 10’s in
these areas and is achieving the results like
the ones she emailed me about last week….

”The last couple of weeks, I’ve had more
and more comments about how well I’m
looking and how much weight I have lost.

But the real telling moment was when I had
to buy some new trousers for work as
everything was just falling off me.

A size 12 –  frikkin’ size 12!

Probably the first time I’ve been in a 12 since
I was 12!

So, I bought two more pairs, and it wasn’t
a fluke – they are 12s too. The really good
thing is that in the past week, they’ve
started to feel loose on me.

Good news – smaller trousers, bad news –
if this continues I’m going to have to buy
more soon!

Thanks Gavin/Michael/Andrea, what a
difference you are helping me make to
my life

Lauren started with us at exactly 13 stones,
and a size 16

She is now under 11 stones and has size 12
trousers falling off of her.

And she’s healthy, fit and energised now.
(She managed to hold a plank for
5 mins 35 secs this week!)

So let me ask you

How do your numbers compare to Lauren’s?

If they aren’t what you want them to be OR
in fact NEED them to be then fill in this form
and I can help you fix the problem

Gavin ‘what’s the problem?’ Hogarth

P.S Lauren’s also graduated from the Fit Body Farm
to the Fit Body CLUB this year and is kicking butt

The CLUB is typically for size 12/14 women who
are already training and who want to get down to
very strong, confident and athletic looking size 8/10
in 12 weeks.

If that’s you then look out for more on the CLUB

However if you’re just starting out or need to
change your eating and lifestyle habits then

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