I got smashed at the weekend!

Last weekend I got totally smashed!

I was away for a couple of days and night up Loch Lomond way doing some outdoor adventure stuff

Whilst I did enjoy a few cheeky Magners on Saturday the point I got totally smashed was on the Sunday when I was wake boarding (like water skiing but on a board)

I’d done it a couple of times before and could do the basics of being able to stand up and cross over the wake behind the speed boat so I asked the instructor if there was something else I could progress onto

He suggested trying a jump. This basically consisted of push my back foot down on the board then raising my front foot then trying to land on the water.

I gave it a go and manage to get like 2 inches up in the air lol.

So I tried again and gave it a bit of juice.

This time when I landed the nose of the board came down on a downward angle so effectively I stopped dead and head planted into the water whilst the boat was going full speed.

I smashed my head and saw stars for a moment. Thankfully I wasn’t knocked out but it was close.

Check out the crash below….

Now some people (probably my mum and my wife) might say I was silly for trying to progress to jumps.

Yes I failed, spectacularly, but if I’d just played it safe and kept doing the same thing over and over then I wouldn’t have gotten any better and probably would have gotten bored.

Can you see the lesson in this?

I’m not saying you have to go out and do some action sport but at least ask yourself when was the last time you pushed yourself out your comfort zone and risked failing?

If you’re not trying something new (with a risk of failure) then how are you going to get what you truly want?


Shift the stubborn love handles?
Find a new partner?
Earn more money?
Get a buzz from a sense of achievement?

or whatever else matters to you.

I’ll leave you to ponder that

Gavin ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ Hogarth

P.S Did you hear about the time I played in the world cup for Scotland?

And the disaster that happened when we played Australia?

I’ll tell you next time

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