I shamefully tried to make you fat

I’m not proud of this

Yesterday I told you about a mindset trick
to use if you’re a constant craver of fatty
and sugary foods

Imagine you are at WAR with the food companies

Today I’ll tell you how they’ll do ANYTHING to beat you.

I know this because I USED TO HELP THEM

Here’s the story

Before I got into the fitness industry I used to be hired
to do promotional and sales work for different companies

In 2009 one of those companies was Nestle

The job was to sell their products into convenience
stores and petrol stations and fight for prime shelf

We had 2 days of brand training first at their plush
offices in London


Their objective was clearly to make us passionate
about Nestle and addicted to their products

We had piles Aero bars, Milkybars, Yorkie’s,
Fruit Pastils, Smarties and Rolo’s sat in front
of us to eat as we listened to presentation’s on
sales and negotiation tactics.

We were given incentives and bonus’s to sell
more and get a better shelf position for their

Excited and armed with a car load of sweets
I set off on my first day around Ayrshire

The shelf space I was after was at your eye level
in a convenience store and right beside the till in
a petrol station (as I was told this is where impulse
buys happen)

We were also given ‘dumping bins’ of sweets
to put up anywhere we could in the shops.

These are worth big money to the sweet
companies so incentives and a bit of manipulation
of shop owners to allow us to put them up was
the done thing

They do ANYTHING to get YOU to buy THEIR

^^^ After my 3rd shop I woke up and realised this ^^^

What I was doing just felt plain wrong


Yes everyone has to earn a living but I felt all I was
doing was contributing towards making our country
fatter and putting a MASSIVE strain on the NHS

So I quit after less than half a day

Most people in these companies don’t give a
s*** about you as long as they get their bonus

Overall it doesn’t make them bad people, they
just don’t have a conscience and will probably
never admit that they are a direct factor in our fight
against cravings and weight gain

They’ll argue people have the choice

But boy, they are using every brain trick they have
to make sure you make the wrong choice

^^^ Remember that next time you feel yourself
getting sucked in^^^

At the Fit Body Farm we have a number of scientifically
proven ways to reduce your carvings without declaring
war on the food companies

BUT you need to be aware of what they are trying
to do to you everyday

and if declaring war help’s you make a better choice,
then be my guest

Speaking of being my guest. We have just a few places
left at our Come Dine with Us night next Thursday

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Gavin ‘glad I quit’ Hogarth
P.S I’m happy to admit that I do actually still
enjoy a Yorkie bar now and again

There’s nothing off the menu at Fit Body Farm

But when you ADD certain foods to your diet
and adopt a different mindset then you feel far
more in control

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