Renton just needed a f****** hit!

‘I just need a f****** hit!’

That’s what Renton (played
by Ewan McGregor) shouts
at his parents in Trainspotting

They are trying to wean him off
of heroine by locking his in his

Some people’s addiction to the
wrong foods can be so strong
that they talk about need to lock
their mouths shut.

Hardly a realistic solution but
when you’ve tried everything to
lose weight and curb your cravings
then the thought almost enters your

Thing is though that it’s not the
food you’re addicted to but it’s how
that food makes you feel – specifically
the release of dopamine you get
in your body when you get ‘a hit’ of
your favourite treat.

Dopamine gives you pleasure

It comes from love, sex, attention,
achievement, excitement and drugs
(in Renton’s case)

Once you get a hit you want more
and if you don’t get one regularly
then you feel low and will seek other
sources like chocolate.

So if you’re struggling to control your
weight and your eating then maybe’s
it’s time to look at other areas of your
life to get your dopamine hit.

Where do you get pleasure and
satisfaction from and how can you
spend more time doing those things
to replace the foods or behaviours that
are causing you to gain weight?

Struggling for answers to your dieting
and weight loss nightmare?

This seminar could unlock them for you

(So you don’t have to lock your mouth)

Booked your place yet?

Gavin ‘where’s the gap’ Hogarth

P.S Had a strange comment from Jen
the other day that hit home to me how
FBF is actually providing that dopamine
hit for her

‘It feels strange, I’m not used to feeling
motivated for this long. Usually I give up after
a couple of weeks of trying something new
so I’m just trying to adjust to that”

Want to get used to succeeding rather than
expecting to fail again?

Its starts here

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