What we DON’T want at the wedding…

Imagine being asked what you DON’T
want as a present at Christmas.

Wouldn’t be very helpful would it?
(unless the person asking always gives
you the same rubbish present that is).

There are times though, when deciding
what you DON’T want can mean big


Laura and I have had a lot of wedding
chat since getting engaged the other

We both wrote a list of what was important
to us (it’s all about the P.A.R.T.Y) AND
we each wrote a list of what we don’t want…

– No evening guests
– No children (pretty much)
– No line up
– Not a hotel wedding
– No ‘500 miles’ as the last song

See deciding what you DON’T want can be
more important than what you DO want
when you’re creating a goal and searching
for motivation.

Vicky joined FBF a couple of weeks ago.

First up here’s what she DOE’S want…

– To feel healthier and be able to join in with
physical activities when out with my family.

– Feel more confident in herself and more
relaxed about her appearance.

– Give a positive message to her 2 daughters

If she was to achieve these then she imagines

– As a comfortable size 12 and able to enjoy
wearing fashions she likes.

– She’d feel comfortable in summer clothes.

– Enjoy regular meals and feel organised with
food shopping.

So that’s a clear goals and vision of what Vicky
does want.

But what’s possibly more powerful list of what
she DOESN’T want…(Try writing your own)

– She doesn’t want to think about styles
that hide the bumps.

– She doesn’t want to have negative thoughts
about her weight a feel like a slave to the
scales anymore.

– She doesn’t want to feel guilty for eating
nice foods anymore.

– She doesn’t want to struggle to enjoy days
out because she’s tired and demotivated.

– She doesn’t want to stay at home with the
dog as her husband takes their daughters
hill walking.

When you know what you don’t want,
the rest falls into place.

It works for every aspect of life.

Once you start seeing progress then that
motivates you to keep going.

But this progress has to be progress you
really believe you can continue.

Progress can be losing 10lbs in 2 weeks.

But if you do it by cutting out every carb
known to man.

Or starving yourself on 600cals a day.

Then you know you ain’t gonna be able
to keep that progress going.

So decide, once and for all what you don’t
want to struggle with anymore.

And you’ll be well on your way to making
smarter changes.

Gavin ‘doesn’t want…?’ Hogarth

P.S No kids at the wedding but we’re
looking into allowing kids along to the
Fit Body Farm (kinda).

It’ll certainly be handy for parents with
child care issue.

More on that real soon.

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