Why I don’t enjoy training at FBF

I just couldn’t be bothered training
these last few days

Luckily I’ve put a plan together to
counter this (more on that in a min)

On Monday I literally just stopped
training after a few reps and watched
the other 2 people doing it

Last night I was meant to be taking
part in a session with another FBF coach
and a few members

But I found myself deliberately doing
other things to get out of it

I started thinking what’s wrong with me?

Why can’t I find the motivation even
though I know I’ll feel better if I do
train <<< been there?

Well there’s a few truths

Both training sessions were taking
place at the Fit Body Farm.

We’ve an awesome facility here now
in a stunning countryside location but
whilst others love it I personally don’t
enjoy training here.


Because I work here and I lived here
most of my life

So I don’t switch off properly. I don’t feel
like I’m escaping for some me time.

It’s the same reason most people can’t
stick with DVD workouts for more than
a couple of weeks.

Being at home you find yourself thinking
about what needs done in the house,
interruptions from your kids, dogs clambering
all over you.

Second reason I’m not feeling it
at the minute is training isn’t
costing me anything financially so I’m not
committing myself.

Do you think you’d take things more
seriously and commit more if you put
some dollars in the game?

Finally I don’t feel like I’ve got anything
to train for. Yes I want to feel fit and look good
(who doesn’t) but for me I’ve usually had
an activity or sport to train for.

The last couple of days I’ve been thinking
deeply about what I need to do to get my
mojo back.

Here’s the plan

1. Drive a 40 mile round trip to be trained
by someone else

2. Pay them for me to take part
in their programme

3. Put myself forward for selection for
the Scotland Touch Rugby Squad so I’m
training throughout the winter to get ready
for the Euro champs next summer. Though
this will involve giving up some weekend
social events and time with my girlfriend.

So even though, in theory

I could do the exact same training at the farm,

For free,

And have more time with people I enjoy
spending time with

I’m choosing to drive further, give up time
and spend money


Because I know what I’m doing right now
isn’t working and I’m just going to become
more and more pissed off in my current

Kinda reminds me of the people I speak
to every day on the phone who are pissed
off with having no time to themselves,
no where to go to switch off and no
motivation to get start.

You just need a plan to change that

Go here and we’ll put one together
Gavin ‘do what it takes’ Hogarth

P.S Next time I’ll tell why even
spending £18,000 hasn’t been enough
to motivate me to train

It’ll save you making a similar mistake

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