Why Korina wasn’t losing weight (are you doing this?)

Korina was frustrated because
she wasn’t losing weight

I was frustrated because she
wasn’t getting the results she wanted

Turns out she was making a mistake
that I see alotta people make – maybe
you are too right now

A simple adjustment to her food intake
(which I’ll share with you today) would
have done the trick

That was nearly 4 years ago – when
the Fit Body Farm was still just a foetus
preparing to be born (weird image huh)

We were just in the programme testing
phase and Korina was one of our guinea

She was following my nutritional
guidelines just like the other 9 guinea pigs

The other 9 were all seeing rapid results
but Korina wasn’t

Granted she didn’t have as much weight
to shift but after a few weeks nothing was budging

Especially around the belly – her problem area

Looking back now the reason was staring
me right in the face

Korina was a healthy eater but she had the
balance wrong with her fruit and veg intake

Most healthy eating guidelines will just say
eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day

Korina was actually eating about 12 portions
which is great but she was having about 10
pieces of fruit and 2 veg

What that meant was she was eating an
excess of sugar (even though fruit is healthy)
and that excess was very likely creating
her sugar belly

Plus the sugar in the fruit just made
her crave more of it


How many portions of veg are you having
each day?

How many portions of fruit are you having
each day?

Wee tip (which would have helped Korina)

You should be eating more veg than fruit.

For best weight loss results your aim would
be a ratio of 5 portions of veg to 1 portion
of fruit per day

If the rest of your diet is healthily but you’re
not losing the inches from round your waist
then that could be your missing link

So snack less on fruit and instead try raw
pepper sticks, carrot sticks and sugar snap

Try it out for 4 weeks and let me know how
it affects your waistline and your cravings

Gavin ‘5:1″ Hogarth

P.S Eileen’s benefitting from tips like the
one above after just 6 weeks at the farm

Got this email from her a few days ago….

”I am loving fit body farm . I really enjoy the
workout sessions ,everyone has been so
welcoming and friendly .

My biggest fear before I came was because
I was so unfit would I be put under pressure
but I am definitely not .

All I get is lots of encouragement from
yourself, Flo and Greg .

I feel myself getting fitter. I have lots more
energy and never feel as tired as I used to.

I am enjoying my new diet. I thought I ate
fairly healthy before but realise now I wasn’t .

I am preparing all food from scratch and
really enjoying it . I know I had become lazy .

The whole family is benefiting which is great.

I haven’t lost much weight but definitely
losing inches and see my body shape changing .

This is one of the best decisions I made to
join fit body farm and look forward to
continuing once my 8 weeks is over.”

We love helping people like Eileen who take
what we teach and apply it

Which reminds me

We’re really now at the stage of only having
a 1 or 2 places left in a few of our groups
(this isn’t a false scarcity tactic)

so if you’ve been thinking about it then
I’d advise you not to put off applying any

Apply Now

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