Wherever you or your family are on your fitness journey we have a life changing programme for you…..

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Feel and look better with a weight loss and body shape transformation that actually lasts long term?

Discover how strong, fit and toned you can become in 12 weeks whilst losing the last 7-14lbs of fat?

Train for a fun outdoor obstacle challenge like Tough Mudder or Spartan Race?

Help your kids have buzz for exercise and enjoy eating healthy food?

Fit Body Farm 365

Fitness shouldn’t be a temporary thing you experience only when you feel motivated or the time is right. You can be fit 365 days a year, every year!

Create healthy exercise, eating and lifestyle habits that last with this scientifically proven programme developed by the world’s best nutrition and behaviour change experts.

This is for people who want to feel and look better and are motivated and ready to accept that their current eating habits, lifestyle habits and way of thinking isn’t working for them. They may be sick of losing weight then regaining weight and want a permanent solution that doesn’t involve dieting and restriction but instead focuses on creating brand new habits that create lasting results and that true transformation they deeply desire.

Fit Body Club

Want to push you fitness, strength, body shape and confidence to a new level whilst having a lot of fun in a motivating, small group atmosphere?

This is for people who already exercise but know - with the right structure, coaching and support, - that they could do better. They might be bored of the gym, have tried all the gym classes or be intimidated by Crossfit and want a more personalised coaching experience.

The Fit Body Club also acts as seamless transition from the Fit Body Farm 365 both in exercise progression and more advanced nutritional coaching for those that are ready.
Get ready to get in the best shape of your life!

Fit Body Farm Freestylers

Probably the most fun you’ll ever have whilst exercising. FBF Freestylers is our obstacle course training group coached by World Championship Elite OCR Athlete, Gavin Hogarth.

Don’t let that scare you though, this group is for people who want to have fun exercising outdoors, enjoy being part of a team, who aren’t afraid of a bit of mud and want to learn new skills like how to traverse monkey bars or climb a rope.

The coaching is structured over 8 week periods to get you ‘event ready’ and will include running based coaching sessions as well as obstacle course skills and fitness session. Most people who don’t like running love this programme!
So whether you’re training for Tough Mudder (or an other OCR) with your mates or you just want an all round varied and exciting training challenge to get fit, this is for you.

Fit Body Farm Futures

​Do you want your child to have a natural buzz for keeping fit and enjoy making healthy eating choices?

FBF Futures is our kids (and parents) fitness, games and nutrition programme for 5 – 13 year olds, coached by our specialist kids fitness coach Laura.

We have 2 groups. One group is for 5 – 8 year olds and the other is for 9 – 13 years (plus parents if they want to get involved). For our older age group this gives a you the unique opportunity of working out alongside your kids and setting a great example for them.

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