Wherever you or your family are on your fitness journey we have a life changing programme for you…..

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Lose weight and feel energised with our 6 Week Transformation Challenge. You'll discover how to stay in shape 365 days a year!

Become the strongest and fittest you've ever been so you can perform any physical challenge or sport with confidence

Obstacle Course Training and Birthday Parties for Pre-schoolers, Kids, Teens and Adults from beginner to competitive 

Like a fitness challenge?

Train for a Hyrox Simulation Event at Fit Body Farm or a LIVE UK Hyrox Event

Fit Body Farm 365

Fitness shouldn’t be a temporary thing you experience only when you feel motivated or the time is right. You can be fit 365 days a year, every year!

Lose weight and feel energised by creating healthy exercise, eating and lifestyle habits that last with this step by step programme backed up by a supportive coach and group of like minded members. 

This is for people who want to feel and look better and are motivated and ready to accept that their current eating habits, lifestyle habits and way of thinking isn’t working for them. 

You may be sick of losing weight and then regaining weight and want a permanent solution that doesn’t involve dieting and restriction but instead focuses on creating brand new habits that create lasting results and that true transformation they deeply desire.

This programme starts with our 6 Week Transformation Challenge after which most people join us for a year or longer as they love their results and being part of the Fit Body Farm Family.

It involves 3 group personal training sessions per week and an all encompassing Mindset, Lifestyle and Nutrition coaching programme designed to help you get into great habits that stick whilst losing up to 18 lbs in 6 weeks and feeling energised and motivated. 

The challenge has been the gateway into Fit Body Farm for over 3 years and has been a huge success for over 400 people

Fit Body Club

Want to push you fitness, strength  and physical transformation to a new level whilst having a lot of fun in a motivating, small group atmosphere? 

This is for people who already exercise but know - with the right structure, coaching and support, - that they could do better. They might be bored of the gym, have tried all the gym classes or be intimidated by Crossfit and are looking for a fresh challenge to train for. 

The Fit Body Club also acts as seamless transition from the Fit Body Farm 365 both in exercise progression and more advanced nutritional coaching for those that are ready.

Get ready to get in the best shape of your life...... 

...and be able to take part in any physical challenge or sport with confidence!

Elaine and Lynsay took part in the OCR World Championships 

Fiona cycled from London to Paris

Natalie gained confidence to start  Muay Thai

Fit Body Farm Freestylers

Probably the most fun you’ll ever have whilst exercising. FBF Freestylers is our Obstacle Course Training groups coached by an enthusiastic team of coaches headed up by  World Championship Elite OCR Athlete, Gavin Hogarth.

Don’t let that scare you though, this group is for all levels and ages (3 years +) of children and adults who want to have fun exercising outdoors, enjoy being part of a team, who aren’t afraid of a bit of mud and want to learn new skills like how to traverse monkey bars or climb a rope.

You and your kids can take part in our OCR sessions at the same time with groups for pre-schoolers, 5-8 yrs, 9-12 yrs, teens and adults 

For people who want to take part in OCR races we have the FBF Freestylers Performance Programme which includes a weekly training plan, running coaching, strength and conditioning and grip/pull up training . 

So whether you’re training to compete in OCR or take part in Tough Mudder (or an other OCR) with your mates or you just want an all round varied and exciting training challenge to get fit, this is for you.

 We also host races, adult training camps, kids summer/easter camps an do obstacle course birthday parties for all ages from 3 years to 60 years+ 

Our OCR coaching team

Pre - schoolers

5 - 8 yrs

9-12 yrs

Teens and Adults

Obstacle Course Races for all ages

                       Race Simulations

     This video is of OCR teams from across Scotland coming to Fit Body Farm to do our World Championship Simulation

Kids Easter and Summer Camps

                   Adult Training Camps

          Rumble Fitness visiting for a 3 day OCR               training camp

Email gavin@fitbodyfarm.com to find out more and book in for OCR Training 


Like a fitness challenge?

Train for a Hyrox Simulation Event at Fit Body Farm or a LIVE UK Hyrox Event

Email gavin@fitbodyfarm.com to find out more and book in for Hyrox Training or Hyrox Simulations

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