Get Motivated

Everyone struggles with motivation from time to time.

In the videos below I’ll share with you many of the challenges I’ve witnessed people have (when trying to get in shape and stay in shape) and solutions for over coming those challenges…

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18 clever ideas to help you stay in shape on holiday

Going on Holiday soon?

Here’s 18 clever ideas to help you stay in shape on Holiday so you’re not undoing all your hard work and find it easier to get back into the groove when you come home…

(I’ll explain each one in a bit more detail in video)

😎 Aim to do better than your normal
😎 Take your kit (and use it)
😎 Set expectations, get accountability/support from others
😎 Pre plan activities
😎 Take opportunity to try something different or explore or exercise more
😎 Get your buzz on before going out
😎 Book self catering
😎 Take food with you
😎 Choose a restaurant a decent walk away
😎 If all inclusive (buffet) then fill healthy plate first
😎 One plate meal
😎 Use the pool to swim (earlier/later)
😎 Is there beach or promenade equipment?
😎 Hire bikes for the week
😎 Focus on water intake
😎 Practice eating slowly to 80% full (no matter what you’re eating)
😎 Make your last day a healthy day
😎 Sign up to programme for when you get home so you’re straight back into a motivating routine

Looking for a programme to get stuck into before or after your holiday?

Guys click here 👇🏼

Ladies click here 👇🏼