How I Would Entice You Home with Me

To get you up for it I would dangle you a mini carrot

Something that would appeal to you to want come
home with me quickly, like Laura did on Monday.

Do you have enough mini carrots in your life?

Or can you create your own?

Let me explain

On Monday my fiancee Laura and I were out
a run in Madrid.

Laura doesn’t enjoy running but as with most
people she feels good afterwards and is glad
she did it.

Well aware of this I know I have to create games
or challenges whilst we’re out running to keep
her motivated

You can use these if you run or with any other
exercise you do

1) Do your long efforts first, working down
to finish with your shorter efforts.

Part of Laura and I’s run included 3 x 45 second
hill sprints, followed by 3 x 30 second hill sprints
with a slow jog back recovery, in a stunning park
called Retiro.

2) Create a target so you push yourself out
your comfort zone

On the longer hill runs Laura and I took note
of what tree we finished next to after 45 seconds
then tried to match it or go further on our next
45 second effort

On the first 30 second effort we both ran as
fast and far as we could then we stopped
and I turned around and counted my walking
strides back to where Laura had finished.

I’d managed 30 strides further than her so on
the next 2 reps I gave her a 30 stride head
start and chased her.

I was motivated by chasing a hot girl 😉 and
she was motivated by not being caught within
30 secs by a cheeky boy.

3) When you start to get tired create a
minimum target to get you to the end.

Facing the 2.5 mile run back home from the
park felt like a bit of a slog after the hill reps
for us so we set targets for ourselves so
we got from A to B quicker (plus we were
late for a picnic so needed to get our arse
in gear).

Our target was that we had to run for at
least 30 seconds before stopping to walk
and if we stopped then we had to start
running again within 30 seconds.
Let’s face it there are times for everyone,
including myself, when motivation to exercise
is low or it dips when we start to struggle
during it.

So what mini carrots can you dangle in
front of yourself that keeps you pushing

Often it’s easier to have someone else
create the challenge for you (that’s why
I pay somebody to train me)

One of the special things about the workouts
at Fit Body Farm is that they are all unique
to us (not a generic Zumba, Body Pump or
Metafit workout insight)

They also all have a challenges in them
that motivates you far more than drifting
around the gym and making it up as you
go along.

Want to sample one for yourself and
have a chat to learn more about the
goals you have and what you need
help with?

Drop me an email and I’ll book you
in for a FREE chat and trial session

Just let me know whether early morning,
mid morning or evening suits you best.
Gavin ‘has a mini carrot’ Hogarth
P.S What can a 101 year women do in
1 minute 17 seconds?

Next time mon ami…

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