She caught me red handed with a takeaway pizza!

Oh the shame!

A fitness guy who helps people lose
weight eating a takeaway Pizza

That’s how I felt when a women, who
recognised me and knew what I did,
decided to take a picture of me coming
out the pizza shop and post it on
Facebook a few years back.

Pretty sad right?

I remember at the time being worried
about being judged for what I ate because
of my job

And I totally get it now.

See our brains are actually programmed
to care what other people think and if
we ARN’T in the logic part of our brain
enough then fear of judgment can lead to
anxiety and us feeling stuck

I think some people experience a fear
of judgement when asked to fill in a
food diary

Conversation might go something like this..

‘Gavin I’m not losing weight and I
don’t know why?’

‘Ok can you write down everything
your eating and drinking over the next
week and I’ll help you identify areas you
can work on?’

They agree but often the food diary
never appears or if it does then they’ve missed
whole days out


My guess is most likely a fear of judgement

They’ll often say ‘this isn’t a good week
because I’ve got two nights out and a
birthday lunch.’

So that suggests they’re only willing to
write down what they are eating if it’s
going to be perceived as healthy food
because they are worried about
being judged by a coach.

If this is your mentality then that’s
natural to feel that way but let me
assure you the purpose of writing
things down is for data NOT for
someone to tell you that you’ve been
bad or accuse you of not following
a programme.

(BEWARE! If a coach does give you shit
rather than trying to help you then that’s
a sign that their are a shit coach with F all
knowledge about helping people change
their behaviours)


When you take the emotion out of it and
see it for what it is, then it is just data

Having data means you know accurately
(rather than guesstimating) where you’re
at with things like how many portions of
fruit and veg you have or how many hours
sleep you have.

Once you have data you can act with logic
and set measurable targets and take calm
and control action

Without data you act based on how you
feel rather than facts, and that’s dangerous.

Why am I telling you this?

Well if you are accepted for a place at the
Fit Body Club taster week then you’ll be
asked to fill in a diary for the first week so
we have a starting point.

Not for judgement by me, but purely as data
for yourself.

If you’re not willing to track your progress
and work with a coach towards making
changes that help you become the healthiest,
fittest, strongest and most toned you’ve
ever been then the programme isn’t for

However, if you are then you’ll be
wanting to click here and put your name
in the hat for our free taster week.

Speak soon

Gavin ‘no judgement’ Hogarth


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