My SECRET chocolate binges

I’ve no willpower

Never have had

Not sure I’ll ever acquire any

Especially when it comes to food

Yet I’ve been the same weight
(give or take a few pounds) and
more or less had the same body
shape since I was 16.

I’m 32 in April.

How do I know I’ve no willpower?

Because I’ve proved it to myself time
and again.


When I was younger, like most kids,
I was given a chocolate advent calendar
at Christmas every year.

NOT ONCE did I make it to Christmas
day having only opened one door and
only having one chocolate a day.

By the 7th December I’d eaten the lot.

No matter how much I told myself that
I wouldn’t do it ‘this year’ I still did.

Same thing with my selection boxes –
devoured within a day.

Similar story at Easter – whole giant egg
GONE within a few minutes.

Even though I’d told myself I’d only have
one small piece, I’d be back in the fridge
getting another piece as soon as the
previous one was finished.

Pic n Mix time at the cinema – 5 quid worth
of sweets gone within 10 minutes of the film
starting or sometimes before the trailer is
even finished.

I’m not telling you this to shock you but
to impress upon you that I can face the same
struggles with willpower as the person
whose got 4 stones overweight.

The key thing to getting in shape and
staying in shape long term is addressing
the deep under lying issue – you often know
what it is but won’t address it because it
seems too hard or unrealistic to change it.

You might think I’m a miserable scrooge
for saying this but I’ve now not had a chocolate
advent calendar in about 18 years

I’ve had about 2 easter eggs over the same
time frame

Any selection box I got in my teens got binned

Now if I’m given chocolates or an Easter egg
as a present then I’ll re-wrap and give them
to someone else or given them to charity.

Would I rather be eating them than getting
rid of them or telling people not to get them
for me?


BUT…I know that having energy and being
happy with how I look and feel is more important
so I simply do what it takes to make things
easier for myself.

And it really doesn’t bother me. I’ve all year to eat
chocolate and have treats.
You don’t need it dictated to you when your going
to indulge.

(It’s a bit like only showing someone you love
then on valentines day – pfft…what a scam)

My advice is to still have chocolate and treats
(and show someone you love them)
throughout the whole year if you want to.



because of the time of year, the situation
or because another person expects you too.

^^^ for me, taking this control and responsibility
is what separate’s someone who looks and feels
good about themselves and someone who just talk’s
and dream’s about it ^^^

Ready to step up and take control?

This is where it starts

Or if you’re happy, you can keep being controlled
by societies expectations of you.

I’m cool with that.

Gavin ‘no willpower’ Hogarth


P.S If any of what I’m saying hits you between the eye balls
then why you doing nothing about it?


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