3 Strategies to STOP you stealing your Kids snacks

‘I keep eating my daughters chocolate’

That’s what Beth told me this morning

She joined FBF at the start of January

All is going well though recently she’s been
eating more of the snacks in the house that
are meant to be for her daughter

Beth’s had a stressful time at work lately
and been very busy meaning she hasn’t
been eating lunch until mid to late afternoon
some days

Stress + Hunger = Biscuit Tin Raid!

You’re not alone Beth

Another common one I hear is mum’s grazing
on the kids dinner around 5pm so by the time
she sits down with hubby at 7pm she’s not really
hungry so ends up not having a proper dinner.

Is that you? Here’s some strategies to help…

1) Eat a snack around 20 minutes BEFORE you
get home so you aren’t getting in the house

This might mean eating before leaving work
or on your trip home depending on how far you
live from work.

2) Address the Stress.

If you work a stressful job like Beth then make
sure you have strategies in place to help you
manage the stress.

Something as simple as going for a 10 minute
walk and getting away from whatever the stress
is can switch your mindset away from using food
to cope.

(Beth if you’re reading this then I’ll send you
a video with 20 easy stress management strategies
you can try.)

3) Do some prep ahead of time.

Look if you know you’ve a busy week ahead but
then don’t chose to any meal prep at the weekends
(for example making soup) then you’ve only
yourself to blame if you end up just grabbing
whatever food you can get your hands on.

(If you’re a Fit Body Farm member then check
out the resources section of our members site
on strategies for mastering prep)

Finally if you do find yourself having a dip like
Beth then we’re happy to offer you a clean slate
when you join FBF and throughout your time

That’s provided you’re willing to take responsibility
for making the changes that we plan together and not
blaming others or the situation.

As soon as you start doing that you’re onto a winner

Want to make a plan and get some clarity on what
you need to do?

Reach out by filling out this form and we’ll be in touch
Gavin ‘what’s your strategy?’ Hogarth
P.S Bonus Strategy.

4) Get the rest of your family involved in better
eating habits.

Unless you’re on another fad diet
(you’re smarter than that right?)

Then there’s no reason why your partner and
kids can’t be eating the same foods as you

It’s a chance for you to educate and inspire
them to eat better

(we regularly hear of members husbands loosing
over a stone without even coming to the farm)

It all means they’ll be less temptation floating
around the house when you’re all involved

Which makes things waaaay easier

P.P.S Remind me to tell you the story of my chocolate
binges and biscuit tin raids some time

How bad this can be and my strategy for overcoming
the urge might surprise you.

Until then…go here

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