Can’t get my leg over

On Sunday night I just couldn’t get my leg over

No matter how hard I tried I was just too stiff

Ended up having to use my hands to help me get in

Now, if you are thinking anything other than
me trying to lift my leg into the bath then go to
the docs and get that filthy mind of yours check
out chica – haha…

So yeah, I literally had to lift my legs into the
bath on Sunday night – they were that sore.

Muscle soreness can be common when you
do exercise you haven’t been used to doing

This was pretty extreme though.

I’d be training all weekend with the Scotland
Touch Rugby Team (yep it’s a real sport before
you start ripping into me) just outside Glasgow.

Saturday and Sunday were split between
training on indoor and outdoor pitches.

There was snow, slush, rain and wind to
contend with outside – pretty challenging

But you know what?

The team actually made fewer mistakes in
tougher conditions and at times played
A LOT better than we did in the perfect
conditions indoors.

There’s a lesson you can take from that,
especially if you’re starting to hit a dip with
motivation to workout and stick to a diet
now we’re into February.

For my touch team, being indoors was almost
too easy at times. We didn’t think we needed to
focus as much on all the tasks the coach
had set us and we got complacent.

Is this happening to you just now?

Getting back into exercise and ‘back on it’
food wise probably felt pretty easy a few
weeks ago?

But now’s the time when things can start to
slide and you start giving yourself permission
to skip the gym or a workout because
YOU CHOOSE to work late or have a lie in

Diet wise you start trying to ‘get a way with’
eating more of the food that was previously
off the menu and now you have no rules
around drinking since dry January is over.

3 easy solutions for you

1) Get yourself an accountability buddy
and make sure each of you get your
workouts done and don’t get complacent.

2) Stop joining gyms where they don’t
care or notice if you turn up or not (truth
is they actually don’t want you too come
because that means they can take on
more members)

3) Stop setting yourself up to fail with
another unrealistic diet that you know
you can’t sustain but because you’re
so desperate for change you’ll try anything.
– I get it, that’s human nature, but how’s it
worked out for you before?

Good news…

We’ve got you covered in on 3 points
when you join Fit Body Farm

You’ve just got to have the guts to break
free from the crowd and the noise about
miracle cures.

Gavin ‘greasing up my hips’ Hogarth

P.S Hope you had a chuckle at my struggle

Truth is basic things like getting into the bath,
putting your socks on, getting up from a low sofa,
getting up and down flights of stairs should feel
effortless BUT for many they become a real struggle
waaaay before they should.

Age isn’t the problem

More on this next time

Until then..

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