Question from Dougie

Dougie was checking out my meat
on Friday night

Easy chica, get your mind out the
gutter 😉

I’d posted a picture of my dinner in
the FBF private facebook group –
something we encourage to share
ideas amongst our members.

As well as my fillet steak I also had

Dougie’s question..

Is that a cheat meal or we allowed

First up we don’t tell you that you can’t
have a certain foods.

Cause then if you do have them you
feel like you’ve failed again – que the
‘sod it I’ve messed up now so what’s the
point’ mindset coming out to play.

Secondly there’s nothing wrong with
potato’s but because they are a high carb
food they are often frowned upon when
people are in diet mode.

What people don’t consider is how carbs
like pototo’s, rice and pasta affect different
people in different ways.

For myself I’ve developed a higher tolerance
and do well eating more carbs because I know
how to train to burn high amounts in a short
period and have done so consistently for years.

I’ve also developed a decent amount of muscle
and have pretty low body fat.

Flip that around…

If you’re someone who doesn’t train effectively
or at all, carries excess timber and doesn’t have
much muscle then your tolerance for guzzling
carbs will be way lower as your capacity to burn
them off is less.

2 other things to consider – what’s your natural
body type and what’s your goal?

Lets say Debbie is lean, with a smaller frame
and thinner limbs, then the likelihood is her
goal will involve trying to gain muscle or eat
to support an endurance exercise.

On the other hand…

Let’s say Nicola has a larger frame, is heavier
than most people and whose goal is to lose fat.

Debbie will achieve her goal by having around
3 times more carbs than
Nicola needs to achieve her goal.

You might think… ‘Shit Nicola will be starving.’

Not so.

By making sure she’s eating veg at each meal
and actually eating more fat than Debbie then
she’ll feel completely satisfied with very little

It’s simple once you get a grasp on it and you
know how to work out portion’s WITHOUT weighing
and measuring everything

Tell you what

I’ll fill you in and be happy to help you out
face to face with any struggles you’re having

Assuming you’re game for coming to our
Come Dine With Me night that is?

Go here now to check it out
Gavin ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ Hogarth
P.S To be fair to Dougie he was thinking with
the old school mindset that we used have at FBF

Banning people from certain foods got great
results BUT they rarely lasted and only feels
sustainable when you’re SUPER motivated –
just how everyone, who has the blinkers on
and is dieting like crazy just now, is feeling.


We all know that 96% of people will be back,
pissed off and doing the same thing next year.

Bored of that too?

Discover what the other 4% will be doing here

P.P.S Got news tomorrow of a hit and run on one
of our coaches last night – could have been fatal.

I’ll be appealing to you to help us catch the person

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