I HATE Exercise

A couple of weeks ago I tweaked
my back doing an exercise.

Made me realise something…

There are times that I can actually
HATE exercise, despite the fact I’ve
done it my whole life.

But what if you haven’t done it all your
life or you’ve had gaps of months and
years in your exercise CV?

Like most people who join Fit Body Farm.

If that’s you then you’ve no doubt had
all sorts of internal conflict going on anytime
you’ve started trying to exercise more?

‘’This sucks’’

‘’I don’t want to do it’’

‘’I’d rather be doing (insert any of 1000 things)’’

‘’I hate exercise’’

I’ve had these demons since I tweaked
my back because I’ve had to avoid certain
exercises I enjoy and do alternatives instead.

Lately, in my own training, the coach has
put some exercises on the programme that
are new to me and I just plain suck at and
find really difficult – for most people it’s
burpee’s when they first start at the farm.

Like me, you’ve probably been a hater of
exercise at some point, yeah?

But the chances are that you (like me)
ONLY hate exercise when

– you haven’t done it in a while
– you’re out of routine
– you’re out of shape
– you feel you just suck at something

Once you get better you enjoy it more –
that’s not rocket science, right?

Problem is you give in too quickly.

I see it often – people only focusing on
what they CAN’T do rather VERSUS what
they CAN do


They try something once, decide they can’t
do it then bag that moment as a handy excuse,
they can call upon, to justify why they won’t
try again.

You can become consumed by can’t – that
needs to change.

Look, everyone feels crap at something
that’s new to them – everyone women I
speak to talk’s about having no upper
body strength and not being able to do
press ups.

Like Gillian, who was a recent finalist in
our Transformation of the Year…

”I was terrified on the first day: I really
do NOT enjoy exercise and am not a
group person.

I could hardly move for the first week
but then it got easier and that was
(and still is) a huge boost to think am
actually getting fitter, not just thinner!

I love that I can see biceps and that
I can now do FULL press ups without
falling on my face after one!”

Gillian kicks ass at press ups now
because she stuck in there (plus
losing 18lbs makes them a hell of
a lot easier 🙂 despite finding it tough
at the start.

The hardest part is getting started.
But it’s exciting too because it means
you’re actually getting fit and living
the life you have only imagined up
until now.

Step 1 is filling in this application form.

Gavin ‘I suck’ Hogarth

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