SUPER mum’s do this…

In a moment I’ll tell you the simple shift
members are making at the Fit Body Farm
right now, that guarantees they smash their
days like super heroes

You can do it too

Before we get to that, this story might
sound familiar….

You wake up every morning with a to
do list that only ever seems to get longer

1. Wake Kids up

2. Make sure they actually get up

3. Strip their bed sheets

4. Put their washing on

5. Make their breakfast and lunch
(maybe your husbands too)

6. Deal with their numerous requests
and reminders of things you need to

7. Drag yourself to work

8. Deal with pressure and stress from
other people all day

9. Finish work

10. Home to make dinner for all the
family whilst trying to tidy the house
and entertain the kids

11. Taxi the kids to football training
or dance practice

12. Get home. Kids get to bed.

13. You maybe get half an hour to yourself now

14. A glass of wine to chill you out

Feet haven’t touched the ground all day

15. Go to bed but don’t sleep well because your
thinking about doing it all again tomorrow and
wondering if it’ll ever get any easier?
That’s basically what my mum did for 18 years
with my brother, myself and the 3rd child (my dad)

Never having any time for herself

Constantly SERVING other people’s needs

Instead of investing in herself

It’s like trying to make withdrawls when there’s
nothing in your bank

You end up drowning in debt

There’s one thing you can do that could
change all this for you or at least allow you
to fly through the day like SUPER mum and
crush all adversity

Start your day in a position of POWER!

That means serving and investing in YOURSELF
first before you serve your kids, husband,
friends, work colleagues, clients or anyone else

You need to make a deposit before everyone
else makes a withdrawal from you

This could be anything that means you come flying
out the blocks and has you set up for the day


1. Investing in your health by getting up 30 mins
earlier and prioritising a healthy breakfast for
yourself first and make your lunch before
anyone else gets up.


2. Investing in your thoughts by reading something
educational that you’re interested in and stimulates
your mind first thing in the morning


3. Investing in your body by getting up earlier
and doing a workout (even if it’s going for a
walk) so that you feel ready to take on the day

Why not rotate these 3 throughout the week?

These are all BIG deposits you could be
making right now so you feel energy, confidence
and self belief flowing through your veins whilst
becoming smarter, leaner and stronger.

I’ll stick my neck on the chopping block and
GUARANTEE if you start your day in a
position of POWER then you’ll experience
these things

I guarantee it because I hear it all the time
from FBF members who have invested in
themselves first in order to be happier and
look after others better.

You could start with suggestions above


Just Click Here Now and we can create a plan so

you can better invest in yourself.

Gavin ‘credit not debit’ Hogarth

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