You might need this right now (Freebie)

Is it just me thinking this

Or is there’s alotta people getting

colds, coughs or the flu just now

Every day I hear of a ‘new case’

I’ve got some great remedies for

you today if you’re one of them

But first I’m going to suggest that

it could be your fault that you got

sick in the first place

Probably the last thing you want to

hear right now

But hear me out
(before you get your snot covered
hankies in a twist 😉

Now you might heard this story before

but maybe not acted upon it?

Let’s see

IMAGINE if you threw a grass seed

onto the Olympic running track in London
It is 100% impossible for the grass seed

to take root.


Because the environment is not conducive to growth.
However if you throw a grass seed onto
the lush

grass on the infield, where the throwing events

take place, the seed will 
take root.

Because the environment allows this to happen.
It is the same with us

We can only catch disease from outside

sources if our internal environment is

right for disease/germs to get a foot

and make it’s new home within us.

The problem is we seem to be obsessed

with germs causing disease but it’s likely

you get sick by germs seeking a natural

unhealthy, acidic (remember that word)

How can we FIGHT BACK and create
a more alkaline environment so
we’re much less likely get sick?

Simply focus and eating more alkaline
foods like fresh fruit and veg to balance
out acidic foods like meat and grains.

Fizzy drinks, coffee and alcohol are highly

acidic so they are the most likely offenders

if you’re feeling lousy.
A great addition to your daily routine would

be having a greens drink like Lean Greens

first thing in the morning (that’s when your

most acidic) to give yourself an instant

alkaline hit.
Try giving your kids a scoop as well so they

are the only ones in their class without a

snotty nose this winter

But what if you’re already caught a
cold, cough or full on flu?
It’s cool, I’ve got your back.
I’ve done my reading and come up with…

• Tips to manage colds and flu if you do catch them
• Super foods for colds and flu so you get over them quickly
• Recipes using the super foods
Click here >>>Cold prevention and managment

to get this freebie now and make sure your beating

the bug, not helping it

Gavin ‘environ-mentalist’ Hogarth

P.S Listen, I’m sending you this info 

it pains me to see how easily

people get ill at this time of year

As well as feeling like crap, colds stop

you from exercising as well, which just

compounds things

P.P.S If you’re an Fit Body Farm member

reading this then use the info

We want everybody getting to every

workout in full health so we can gallop

into Christmas.

We also have a stock of Lean Greens

available at the Farm as well so you can

create that alkaline (disease free)

environment that you probably want??

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