Have you seen this?

Have you seen this?

You’re going to see some 
passion today my friend

Not quite post water shed, 
once the kids have gone to 
bed style passion 😉

Maybe something better?

Something that could well
change your way of thinking

As a wise man once said

’Change your thoughts, 
change your life’

Before I get to that….

Earlier in the week I talked to 
you about how I used to work
at Nando’s restaurant

GREAT company by the way -
even if I did quit after 3 weeks 

Nothing to do with them though. 
They were (and still are) a business
that’s seeing huge progress. They 
never stand still.

Thing is, it’s their solid principles that
allow them to see this progress

Principles like
• Looking after their staff first and foremost
• Showing their personalities and quirkiness to customers
• Making sure the quality of the food they produce is absolutely consistent so they get predictable results

My question to you today is simple…

What are you’re principles?

In other words…

What are your strong core beliefs 
which, in turn affect your actions on 
a daily basis?

Think about that whilst watching this video

WARNING! I get pretty passionate because
I’m talking about the solid principles that
we have at the Fit Body Farm that I 
GUARANTEE, if followed will not only have 
you looking better and feeling better BUT 
will also improve you’re entire life

Bold claims I know

Make you’re own mind up chica.

Whilst I’m on the subject if you like 
the sound of our principles and
want to see how they can get you 
the body, health and life you
deserve in 2015 then make sure 
you drop me an email and we’ll get 
you booked in for our next 
FBF Experience Week starting 
Monday 5th January.

Gavin ‘principles > progress’ Hogarth

P.S This chat of principles may not be
as ‘sexy’ as the next diet trick or next 
new style of high intensity workout 


If you SERIOUSLY want to get consistent, 
predictable results for life, rather 
than struggling through a few weeks of 
restrictive dieting and over exercising
then you need to watch this video and 
ask yourself some questions….

If you do, I’m sure the answers, you’ve
been after, will come

I saw some of our members have light bulbs 
going off in their heads when I spoke about 
this with them 

Let me know if you get the same…

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