Turn the F*** Around

Yesterday I gave up on exercising 
because I couldn’t be bothered

True story

Thing is I’d already made the decision
earlier in the day that I was going for a run

The sun was shining

I knew where I was going

I’d gotten changed

I’d gotten out the front door

I’d already started

Yet after jogging for about 90 seconds
down my street

My mind just said why are you doing

My body said it wasn’t feeling that fresh
because I’d already been on my feet all 

So I ground to a halt, turned around an 
started walking home

After about 50 meters of walking I stopped
again and just stood there

If you’d been on my street yesterday you 
would have wondered what the hell I was

I was actually stood on the spot looking
back towards my house then turning looking
the other way further down the road

Right there I was on the edge

Weighing up the pros and cons of exercising
versus not

Probably surprising for you to hear this, right?

I mean surely for someone thats been
exercising their whole life it’s easy, yeah?

We’re all so bloody happy clappy and
motivated aren’t we?

Everything always frickin ‘awesome man’ 
(Cue cheeeeeesy American accent).

What a load of BS!

Let me tell you that most ‘fitness people’
fake it some of the time.

It can be a total front.

Sometimes, just like any regular person,
they can’t be arsed exercising and would 
rather sit on the sofa, watching tv, munchin
g on something tasty (not chicken and broccoli). 

Lindt Lindor Chocolates would be my 
treat of choice

That’s what I felt like when I stopped 
running yesterday

So did I turn left and start running again 
or turn right and go home for a pig out 
on the sofa??

I’ll tell you tomorrow

Gavin ‘torn’ Hogarth

About the Author Gavin Hogarth

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