Left? Right? or stand like a numpty?

Turn left and start running again
or turn right and go home for a
pig out on the sofa?

That’s the deliberation I had with 
myself whilst standing like a numpty
in my street on Sunday

I’d only managed 90 seconds of 
running before I gave up

I was turning towards home when
a voice in my head (Yep I’m a little nutty) 

‘Gavin, turn the f*** around and get running

You’re not giving up this time, not AGAIN’
(yep this isn’t the first time this has happened)

So I listened and started running again

I still wasn’t feeling that motivated and a bit
tired so I started with lower expectations

I went slower and started planning a shorter 
route as a I went

10 minutes later I was in Dean Park doing
my favourite intervals session

I was starting to feel good again. I was
breathing heavily but the tiredness and 
aches in my body were going. 

Suddenly my mood had shifted massively
in a positive direction

30 minutes later I was back home and
had actually done more than I’d intended

It doesn’t always happen but I was pretty
pleased that I’d listed to the voice that
told me to ‘turn the f*** around’

And I’m going to say the same to you

In fact I’m going to challenge you

When you’re at that point of deliberation, 
or the point of giving up when you’ve
barely started

Whether it’s to do with exercise,
eating, or a task at home or work that
you don’t want to do 


You know when completed is going
to benefit your mind or body
Your challenge is to tell yourself to

‘turn the f*** around, this isn’t me,
it might have used to have been,
but not anymore’
Later this week I’ll hit you up with that
favourite session I did on Sunday 
so you can consider adding it into 
your training

I should say that even if you can
only walk at 1 mph then you can
can still do the session

Look out for that email

Gavin ‘I challenge you’ Hogarth

P.S If you’re regularly struggling to
motivate yourself and easily talk
yourself out of going to gym, exercise
class or working out on your own
then let me ask you this…

Is it the workout that’s the issue or
the lack of accountability being 
given by those taking the workout?

That’s just one of the reason’s at FB F
we don’t do pay as you go, turn up as 
you please, no body gives a shit classes.

Right now our membership and 
attendance is as high as its been all 
year whilst other gyms and classes 
are sitting empty with bored instructors.

Why is that?

If you fill in this form then I’ll show you 
at our next intake

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