Are you a feaster, stressor or constant craver?

Are you a feaster, stressor
or constant craver?

That was the question being
asked last night

I was watching ‘What’s the
Right Diet for You?’ on the BBC.

The idea is find the right diet for
a persons genes and characteristics

Rather than just giving the same
generic advice at each individual
and hoping it works

A.K.A Throwing s*** at a wall and
seeing what sticks

There were around 75 overweight

After filling in questionnaires, their
eating habits were then filmed in
different situations

It was discovered that some people
were the biggest eaters when there
was an unlimited amount
of food available

Once they popped they just couldn’t stop

This is down to a mis-firing gut hormone
so full signals weren’t being recieved.

These people were were named the FEASTERS

It was found that other people clearly ate more
out of stress.

They were named the EMOTIONAL EATERS

The final group were the CONSTANT CRAVERS
and were hungry only a couple of hours after a
full meal and so wanted to eat pretty much constantly.

Which group do you think you’d fall into?

I’d actually say I can flit between all 3!

What was then interesting was that a group of
experts developed specific diet strategies
according the groups people were in.

The FEASTERS needed a diet that would
keep them fuller for longer

The EMOTIONAL EATERS needed strategies
to deal with emotions they were struggling with
– stress, boredom, loneliness etc, so they didn’t
use food as a coping mechanism.

Group support was a massive part of this.

The CONSTANT CRAVERS were challenged
with periods on fasting which basically gave
their body a break from constant sugar intake
and allow them to finally enter fat burning mode.

As I watched this I realised that the
strategies we have in place at Fit Body Farm
would place a massive tick beside each of
these types of people’s requirements.

Now we’re certainly NOT for everybody
wanting to lose weight

BUT (as you’ll discover over my next
couple of emails)

If we are the right fit for each other then
we have the tools in place to give you specific
individual advice according to the type of
person you are.

You don’t get that at a pay as you go, turn
up as you please, nobody gives a shit,
fitness CLASS.

But when you join a SYSTEMISED
PROGRAMME like FBF, with a money
back guarantee you get personal treatment
PLUS the motivation from a group of like
minded people.

That be worth getting on board for, wouldn’t it?

Gavin ‘no shit on the wall’ Hogarth

P.S Incase you missed the news, we’ve decided to
go ahead and have an extra intake at FBF next week.
You’ll get access to our systemised programme as
soon as you book in here.

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