Pissed anyone off lately?

I watched this smarmy Aussie guy
on catch up tv last night.

It was Mark who won the BBC’s

He might not be your cup of coco

You could view him as smug, cocky,
and full of s***?


You could view him as confident,
self assured and assertive.

Some people, like Mark are always
going to split opinion.

They’ll piss some people off and
AT THE SAME TIME have lots of fans.

^^^Almost all successful people achieve this^^^

Then you get other people that are
just plain vanilla and don’t really stand
for anything

Which are you? Think about that today.

If you’re the plain vanilla type then it
doesn’t make you a bad person but
chances are you’re not getting any leaner
or healthier any time soon.

One of the Fit Body Farm members
admitted to me the other morning that she’s
‘just been playing at losing weight this last year’.

She’s not been prepared to do the things that
she KNOWS will get her the results she wants,
on a CONSISTENT basis

And it’s not that our eating principles are hard
for her to follow. She’s know’s she can do it.

It’s that she’s just been cruising along in the
vanilla zone, staying comfortable, and not being
prepared to ruffle a few feathers at home or with
her friends

If that sounds like you then…

You need tell your kids that mum’s going to put
herself first occasionally

You need to tell your friends that you’re not
‘fine the way you are’ if you know you’re not
and to let you not drink on a night out for once.

You need to tell your parents to stop asking you
‘when you’re going to start eating properly again’
just because you asked for less mashed tatties
and more veg instead.

You need to stand up for yourself and STOP
doing things just to keep everyone else happy
or to avoid unrest

Because chances are YOUR NOT HAPPY?

So let’s change that

Mark from the Apprentice had an idea of what
he wanted to achieve but felt a long way off
that at first.

Maybe that’s how you feel right now?

Like Mark, if you can just find the courage to
show a bit of bloody mindedness and go after
what YOU really want (without worrying about
anyone else’s opinion) then they’ll only be one

Oh and by the way…

If you’re not pissing anyone off a little AND
(on the flip side) getting big compliments from
your fans then you’re playing it too safe.

Yip. It can go both ways. So be prepared for that.

The rewards are well worth through when
you go here.
Gavin ‘don’t be vanilla’ Hogarth
P.S That’s right, you’ll notice when you click here
that we’re having an extra intake at the
Fit Body Farm next week so you can start pissing
a few people off AND getting MASSIVE compliments
sooner than you thought 🙂

P.P.S Just so you know that I’m not just blowing hot air,
I’m going to piss a few people off in my next email and
actually invite you to never hear from me again.

She hates it when I do this so my mum will probably
be first on list of pissed of people

We’ll see…

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