Caught with white powder on my nose

I took a trip north at the weekend

Up to Glen Coe for a spot of skiing


Out in the wilderness, snow conditions
were perfect and I managed to do
some of the most challenging ski runs
i’ve ever done with ease because I did
one simple thing

There’s 3 lessons you can take away
from my trip and apply right now that
will CHANGE YOUR LIFE (if you do
them and don’t just read this email)

That’s a bold statement I know

But here’s the thing

People seem to get it into their heads
that to change their life then they have
to make a BIG change that requires
major effort – not true

^^^ Lesson 1 ^^^

At Glen Coe on Saturday, the que for the
ski hire was really long so instead of using
full length ski’s and pole’s I used my own
snow blades (mini ski’s, no poles)

They are easy to use and you don’t really
have to worry about technique or tripping
yourself up as you zoom around effortlessly

ok I admit, there was still a couple of head
plants in the powder for me haha

But overall…

This simple change meant I went on
steeper, faster and more challenging
slopes than I normally would have
which meant I was buzzing afterwards
AND looked forward to doing it again.
What’s the one simple change you
could make to your day that
YOU KNOW will have the biggest

Could be something like going to
your bed 1hr earlier and getting
up 1 hr earlier.

Doing that would mean…

Time to exercise?

Time to prepare healthy meals
and snacks for the day?

Time to educate yourself?

Time to serve yourself first and
start the day in a position of
power, BEFORE the ‘madness’ of
the day and demands of others
take over.

You could do one or all of these

As a result of making a simple change
you can have

More energy,

More get up and go,

More motivation to actually tackle
the harder tasks each day

(Instead of procrastinating
and just doing the easy things that
have almost zero benefit on your life
so you nothing changes.)

Once you make that simple change
and feel it’s impact then you’ll want
to do it again the next day and the

Then you create a snowball
effect and when you look back in
a month’s time you’ll realise you’ve
caused an avalanche of change in
your life (oh the puns are coming
out to play today haha)

You catch my drift, yeah?
(woops there goes another)

Gavin ‘simple change’ Hogarth

P.S Just a reminder that our
Come Dine with Us night, is
coming up next week.

It’s your chance to get ‘wined
and dined’ at the Fit Body Farm
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PLUS they’ll be a January
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But you’ve gotta be there by

P.P.S Yep that was just one of
the lessons.

I’ll be back with 2 potential life
changers very soon for you

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