£18,000 couldn’t get me to train

Last week I was telling you about
my lack of motivation to train lately

It got me thinking exactly what
the problem has been

It’s certainly not down to a lack of
tools anyway

(This next part might surprise you)

In April this year we finished off a conversion
at the Fit Body Farm to allow us to create
a small group training area for the
Fit Body CLUB (our advanced small group programme)

Here’s a video of some of our fit mums working out in the Club

(remember this is our advanced programme – click here to
see a Fit Body Farm workout in action)

As you can see the Club is well kitted out with weights equipment

It involved me investing £18,000 and it’s right next
door to my office so you’d think I’d be using it all the time


In fact in 5 months I have never trained in there alone


Lack of motivation to do so

Just as well I didn’t invest the money with just myself in mind

But it still reminds me of the number of people who waste
money on buying treadmills, cross trainers or bikes for their
homes only to use them as clothes horses.

Unfortunately for most, it’s just another thing we try in our
desperate search for a solution to our health and fitness

Having worked out in gyms, with PT.s, in groups, and
by myself at home here’s what I believe you need to
have to get long term results and enjoying your training

1) Training in groups rather than by yourself or 1-1 with
a coach creates more comeraderie and motivation for you
before, during and after your workout.

2) Even better if that group of people are of a similar
fitness level – the majority of the people who come to
Fit Body Farm are out of shape and haven’t exercised
regularly for months, years or ever

3) It can be even better if you can relate to the people
your training with – most of our members are female,
30 – 50 years old with a couple of kids who are ready
to put themselves first for once.

4) Being away from the gym (and home) suits most
people too – regularly I hear comments of being intimidated
by posers and neglected by gym instructors

On the flip side our members always say how FBF doesn’t
feel like a gym at all.

5) A programme that offers accountability, where you’re
guided and have a coach to ‘check in’ with is what people
tell me they need.

Unfortunately I’m yet to find a programme that gives me
all of these things

But you’re not me

So chances are the Fit Body Farm (which nails all 5) is for you

Go here and let’s find out

Gavin ‘sell your ‘clothes horse’ Hogarth

P.S Something I think that puts people off starting is the
gap between how they feel now and how they really
want to feel

It can seem too big to bridge

We’ll cover that next time

Or if you don’t want to wait til then

Click here now

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