Unfortunately Danielle enjoys this…

Every couple of weeks (or more often
if you need it) we check in with our members
to basically ask

‘How you doing?’

‘What progress are you making?’

‘What changes have you made?’

“Is there anything you need help with?’

These questions sometimes throw up some
surprise replies

Here’s one we got from Danielle…

” Hi Gavin,
Unfortunately I have really enjoyed my last
two weeks and actually thought I would hate it
and give up after a few days, but no I think you
are stuck with me…”

Just shows you that not everyone enjoys
exercise and workouts

The thought of sweating, breathing heavily and
having sore muscles don’t float some peoples boat

In fact I’d say it puts off a lot of people from starting

If that’s you then know that you’re not alone

Danielle obviously expected to hate it too but she
took the plunge anyway

The fear of being the least fit is one I hear from
large number of people that start at FBF

So much so that you hear people saying
”I’ll need to get fit before I start”

If that’s you then you gotta change that story

You know you’re just using that as an excuse to
buy yourself more time

So you can put off starting for real

So you don’t actually want have to committ to
doing what you know you need to do

And instead just dipping your toe in the water

You’re kinda just playing at getting in shape

Maybe you’ve done that your whole life?

If so then how’s that worked out for you over
the long haul?

My best guess is you’re heavier now than that
time you first started – like 15, 20 years ago

Pretty shit isn’t it

F*** me, no wonder you expect to hate it like
Danielle did

Want to really make a change for life this time?

And dare I say….enjoy it?

Click Here

Or keep observing from a distance whilst everyone
else is changing their lives

Up to you…

Gavin ‘unfortunately it’s enjoyable’ Hogarth

P.S I got quite a few other replies from my
‘How you doing’ email

People sharing the specific changes their making
to their mindset, lifestyle, diet and exercise

I’ll fill you in next time and give you some ideas of
what simple tweaks you can be making

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