My prediction (well guarantee actually)

Last time I was talking about the ‘how you doing’
email I sent out to our members

Got a flood of replies telling me mainly about the
mindset shifts they’d had (remember your thoughts
control your actions) and the lifestyle tweaks
they’ve made.

Yes there’s been some nutritional changes and
most people are doing more exercise than they’ve
done in a while or ever

But the REAL GAME CHANGERS aren’t eating a
certain food or doing a new exercise with the latest
bit of kit

It’s doing things similar to what these members are
doing that get’s you long term results….

”I’ve have spoken to more members in the last 2 weeks
than I have ever spoken anywhere else. I hated the gym
and as a result didn’t exercise as I didn’t feel comfortable.
I ran a lot but it’s pretty lonely. It is true that everyone at
FBF is in the same boat or has been there and gets what
we are trying to achieve and helps support that goal.”

”My other half is also going to eat healthily with me – so
he is on my side and looking to help me achieve at home
whilst you guys help me achieve at my training.”

”I am walking at lunchtime (just half an hour) rather than
grabbing a sandwich at my desk and powering through
the issues on my desk”

‘Well ive been preparing breakfasts n lunches for me
and my husband the night before.”

‘Started some exercise out with sessions & now
find I’m looking forward to exercising rather than
dreading it’

‘My Story was to change my routine and live a healthier
life style by doing so. I feel motivated even so I have
completed jobs I’ve been meaning to for a while now.’

‘I have absolutely LOVED my 8 weeks with u & Flo.
I have really turned a corner in my life & it has been
the big wake up call I needed & had hoped for.
Your approach has made me realise any change is
ultimately down to me – nobody can do it for me.’

So let me ask you…

What lifestyle tweak or mindset switch could you make
right now that would have the biggest impact on how happy
you are with your body, health and fitness?

Without addressing these areas I guarantee you will get
results for maybe a couple of months max just by feeling
motivated and pumped up

Then you’ll slide back into old habits like skipping workouts
because you chose to work late or having a half bottle of
wine every other night.

Very quickly you will end up back at square one and
wonder what the point was

You probably know roughly WHAT you need to do,
WHY you need to do it but aren’t exactly sure
HOW to make it possible?

That’s where we come in and why filling in this form
and booking a strategy call with us is the way
forward rather than jumping in with 2 feet (again?)

Gavin ‘change something’ Hogarth

P.S I’ve got one more ‘member update’
to share with you

This ones a cracker and a must read

Especially if you’re already looking forward to
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