6lb gain in 2 weeks. What damage could Steph do in 3?

When Steph applied for a place on our

8 week transformation programme back

in mid April she was in tough place

”This is the heaviest I’ve ever been! It’s making
me feel horrible in my clothes. I’m fed up going
through my wardrobe and wearing the same
clothes…..I can’t go up another size!”

8 weeks later she’d lost 16lbs and since then
has kept the momentum going at FBF

In fact, based on the email she sent me
last week I reckon she’s actually made more progress
since losing that 16lbs because of how she thinks

Check out what Steph said….

” I thought I would drop you a wee note to
let you hear about my holiday.

We had 3 weeks in France….which was fab.
Last year we had 2 weeks in the same area.
When I came home last year I had put on
6 pounds…in 2 weeks!! So you can imagine
I was really worried about the damage I could
do in 3 weeks!!

I came home at the weekend there and
stood on the scales…half a pound off….can’t
believe it!!

I always had the excuse…it’s my holiday…I
can diet when I get home. But things have
really changed for me. I’m looking at menus
in cafes differently eating differently at home…
I feel so much better.

And usually when I get home from holiday
it takes me weeks to get back to exercise…
but I arrived home on Saturday and we went
out for a nice bike ride on Sunday!

I think the biggest change for me is my attitude
towards food.

On >Insert popular slimming club< and other
diets there was never any food on menus
when eating out that fell within the “points”
so I would just give up.

Now I find myself looking at the actual foods…
the actual meal and what comes with it. I’m
enjoying my food so much more now.

The advice and support from yourself and other
fbf members has really made the difference.

I did enjoy a few glasses of wine…well I
couldn’t not have when in France!

But instead of pastries for breakfast we ate
the lovely fresh fruit that is so accessible over

I made sure I drank plenty of water. Walked
rather than taxi and also a few scenic walks
in the hills…nearly killed my poor husband haha

I even managed to do a few of your online
workouts each week!

Anyhoo….enough of my babbling…I just
wanted to share what I see as a major
milestone in my life…proof that a change in
mindset can really make the difference.”

Pretty cool eh?

Now she’s done it once, you think Steph will
believe she can replicate that on her next holiday?

Some people scoff when you suggest exercising
on holiday and making better food choices

At FBF we don’t expect you to be perfect because
when we go on holiday we enjoy treats as well.

All we ask you is how could you see progress
based on what you normally do, eat or drink on holiday
so that you don’t gain 6 lbs like Steph used to?

Let’s go beyond just holidays. What small, simple
thing could you do each day so you feel like better than
you do now?

If you don’t know where to start or more likely have
the motivation to start then this is it

Gavin ‘ask yourself’ Hogarth

P.S Did you see Jamie Oliver’s Sugar Rush programme
last week?

If not look out for some great (well actually horrific stats) coming
your way

Here’s one that stood out….

You’re 20 times more likely to lose your leg to sugar than you are
if you went to fight in Iraq or Afghanistan mine fields


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