Are you a world champion at this?

What are you good at?

So good that you could be world champion?

For example

My girlfriend could be a world champion
at sleeping

Whereas I could be a world champion at
being a cheeky b******

But if there was a world championships for
procrastination then I’ve met many contenders
for the title

Heck I’ve been one myself at times

There’s never been an better time to procrastinate
than now

I mean how easy is it to duck, dodge, dive (shameless
Dodgeball quote) out the way of doing something.

You’ve most likely said this yourself . . .

‘I’ll start next week’


‘On Monday it’s ON’


‘When the kids go back to school’
(that was 7 weeks back by the way 😉


‘After Christmas’


‘When I’m fit enough’


‘When I have time’


Any number of procrastination

Seriously I’ve done it myself – my oven is
always getting cleaned next week

S*** now that’s this week. I’ll do it next
week instead
You tell yourself that you can’t do something
right now because > insert BIG lie <

It’s rarely that you can’t.

It’s more that you won’t.
Why is RIGHT NOW the BEST time
to procrastinate, and put OFF what you say
you want to achieve . . .?
Because my friend, it means that you can
STAY COMFORTABLE for another few minutes,
or hours or days or weeks or months or years.
And it means that right NOW, you don’t have
to enter the unknown.
Or change.
Or face fears that have held you back for as
long as you can remember.

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way to change your situation then CLICK HERE
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Gavin ‘cheeky champion’ Hogarth
P.S Went to the film ‘Everest’ on Friday night

Well worth a watch

No spoilers but I do have a cool insights for you next time

Until then

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