Backwards running world mile record!

Going backwards isn’t much fun

Unless you’re into backwards running that is

Do you know the world record for running a mile backwards is 5 mins 46 secs?

Unreal right.

Bit of random knowledge you can share with people today

Anyways going backwards with your weight, your fitness and your health sucks

It can knock your motivation big time

Sometimes it’s out with your control

But more often than not it’s 100% in your control, even though you might blame other things or moan about circumstances or people.

(As a side note if you complain about something more than once then either do something about it or be quiet – it drains the life out of people having to listen to you)

Sorry little rant there

Back on point

You actually know the reasons you’ve gone backwards but maybe just haven’t admitted it to yourself yet

You’ve lost some weight then rewarded yourself with food treats. Leave that for the dog trainers and instead reward yourself with a shopping trip, a beauty treatment or take part in an activity you didn’t used to have the confidence to do.

You’ve stopped listening to your coach (if you have one) and doing what got you the results in the first place. You effectively try to ‘cheat the system’.

3) You stopped trying to get better. You’ve gotten comfortable and now you’re stuck in a rut.

4) You’re priorities have shifted back to what caused you to become unhappy in the first place. You choose works meetings, nights out and running after the kids instead of getting your workout done first

5) That holiday or wedding or high school re-union or party has passed now and now you feel lost because that big motivation driver has gone.

If you read my email yesterday then you’ll know that we’re running an 8 week transformation contest at the Fit Body Farm to give you a kick start now the holiday motivation has gone

Thing is though please DON’T apply for this if you’re only going to use it as an 8 week blast and aren’t looking long term

However if you want to lose up to 2 stones during the contest AND are serious about using it as a foundation to create life habits so you can keep the weight off they this IS for you

Apply here for one of the 5 remaining places

Gavin ‘off for a backwards run’ Hogarth

P.S Nothing here today but thanks for checking. All the juice is up there ^^^^

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