Proof of what you can achieve in 8 weeks (even if you’ve failed before like Sarah)

Got a message that made me proud
over the weekend

Sarah took the plunge and joined
FBF 8 weeks ago….

‘Wanted to share – this Sunday will be the end of my 8 weeks and I am approaching 1 stone weight loss and a good few inches.

Out of interest I looked at my record card from last time I went to….(Insert popular slimming club)… i went for 8 months and didn’t make it to 1 stone off.

In 8 weeks I have achieved so much more and believe so strongly I can achieve much more. These changes in my life are making me so happy not just from a weight loss perspective but lots of other ways.

Thank you.’

I love nothing more than getting
messages like this – it reminds me
again that what we do really works.

Thing is 8 weeks ago Sarah felt very
differently about herself.

Perhaps similar to how you feel now?

Here’s what she wrote in her application
form when asked how she felt

‘’Fat, unhealthy, unfit, unhappy with myself, embarrassed’’

When asked why she hadn’t achieved
her goals until now here’s her reasons

‘’Too easy to be lazy, too scared that I wouldn’t be able to do it, a feeling like my life is too busy to fit it in and a love of food.’’

The next question is about what you really want to achieve. Here’s what was important to Sarah

‘’I want to feel good about myself again and help make myself more confident and happy. I want to at least get back to the weight I was before I had my 2 children but if possible even get lower than this to a healthy weight for my height. I would make me feel so proud of myself.’’

Now perhaps you’re reading this
and thinking ‘Shit, that’s me’

Only difference between you and
Sarah is that she clicked here rather
than just hovering over the button.

Then she actually filled in the form
and then responded to my text message
that I send you to arrange your
strategy call then she answered the
phone when I called her.

And now look at what she has achieved

Sarah used to be that person that just
couldn’t quite commit even though she
was desperate to change

I’ve read, listened to and seen first
hand the torcher people are going through
right now in terms of how they feel about

Its frustrating knowing how you can help
someone yet they will literally do anything
to avoid facing up to the truth and reality
of where they are right now.

I can’t help you if you won’t help yourself

It’s you that has to take off the blinkers
and go for it.
Gavin ‘no shit sherlock’ Hogarth

P.S Just a reminder that we’re running a
transformation contest starting next Monday

It’s optional for you to take part in but with prizes
like spa treatments, sports clothing, and a demo
and dine night at the cookschool up for grabs
then why not?

You need to be on board by next monday though

And this is the only way

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