You might think I’m a prick for this

– Hospitalised

– Marriage break ups

– Child suicide attempts

– Strokes

– Cancer

– Death

I got back from holiday
on Monday and text FBF
members asking for updates
on how they were getting on

Of those that haven’t been to
workouts lately I got around
8 replies from different members
who are currently dealing with
the effects of one of the above

It really gave me a birds eye
view of how unfortunately common
these things are

Now I’m not belittling you or
someone close to you suffering
from something like a marriage
break up or cancer

It can leave you devastated,
wondering how you’ll cope and
a can truly turn your own life
upside down (I’ve been there)

But when you feel life stress is
grinding you down you have to
hold on tight to ever ounce of
positivity around you to help y
ou cope

Namely your own health and

If you’re feeling your energy
running low or under huge pressure
or heartbroken then it’s even
more important

Because no matter what’s happened
you must look after number 1

Think of the future

Don’t let days of struggle
become weeks, months, years and

Before you know it you become a complete
shadow of your former self and increase
your own chances of stroke, heart disease
and cancer and a dying younger than you

Would the people around you suffering
right now not want you to look after your
own health so you’re in a better position
to be a support to them?
Gavin ‘come on’ Hogarth
P.S I felt like this needed to be said as I’ve
seen too many people spending too long
below the line and in a place of blame,
excuses and denial.

Infact I’d even suggest some people get
so used to being miserable that they feel
more comfortable in that place because
happiness feels unnatural to them

Pretty sad eh?

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