Getting over the post holiday blues

The last couple of days have been tough
for me

Being awake from 1.30am until I got
up at 5am on Monday morning for work

Then pretty much the same the next night

Feeling weak and unfit in workouts that
I haven’t done in while

Not as motivated to get in shape as I
was before going on holiday

Ah…post holiday blues

Am I alone?

Are you the same?

So what can you do to get past this?

First up you need to put things in perspective

A few days of splurging on treats and
a few missed workouts doesn’t mean a
lot in the grand scheme of things in terms
of weight gain.

More likely though it’s made you feel crappy
and lethargic

No magic pill my friend

You gotta push through these first few days

Going a healthy food shop

Doing some batch cooking

Getting your first workout under your belt

(I was dreading my first session on Monday
and felt weak, stiff and unfit but all I cared
about was getting through it and back into
a routine – it’ll be easier next time)

Getting started or re-started is usually the
hardest part

Thing is I’m concerned you might be delaying?

And letting a couple of weeks holiday turn
into 6 or 7 weeks

Because the kids are still on school holiday’s

So you feel you have an excuse just to wait
til mid August and start properly then

Your choice but why compound the problem
and end up feeling worse when you can
start now?

You don’t want to be the person always
looking for a way out, a reason not start
or a blatant excuse because you’re worried
it’ll be too hard and what people might think,
do you?

If you don’t want that ^ then get in touch

Gavin ‘pushing through’ Hogarth

P.S Next email you may want to call me a prick

I’ll not be setting out to be nasty

But it needs to be said

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