CHEMICAL NIGHTMARE or Good Weight Loss Option?

CHEMICAL NIGHTMARE or Good weight loss option?

What’s your thought’s on low fat foods?

Good option for weight loss or chemical
nightmare with massive health damaging

If you’ve been following my emails for a while
or been to the Fit Body Farm you’ll know that
we’re quite pro fat in a way.

Certainly compared to some of those
diets that have you eating low fat, lighter
versions of the same food just to keep your
calories down but with little regard to what els
e has been added to those foods to replace
the fat – usually sugar and some other
chemicals you can’t pronounce the name off.

There are times to watch your fat intake for sure,
which I’ll come onto in a minute.

First up though

Fat in your diet is a necessity for things like
transporting hormones, for brain function for the
health of skin, hair and nails.

Don’t worry I’m not going to bore you with
a full on fat lesson here.

Most people know that there are different types
of fat and the type found in processed foods
clogs your arteries and gets you addicted to
wanting more (yep those crafty food
manufacturers know exactly how to get you hooked)

When it comes to nutrient deficiencies most
people eat way too little of some fats e.g oily fish
and way too much of others e.g cakes and pastries

Now I love cake just like the next person but
you gotta balance out your fat intake.

If you want to get healthy and lose weight long
term then you must include healthy, high fat foods
like nuts, avocado, coconut oil in your diet

But with an element of portion control.

Half an avocado or around 10 nuts equates to a portion.
And having a portion of healthy fats 3 times per day
is what I’d recommend.

On the flip side a good time to chose low fat
options is when it comes to meat. You want a meat
that is a good source of protein but lean and if it’s
not lean then trim the fat off.

An example would be minced beef. Check the label
and go for the 5% fat option rather than the 15%
or 20% option.

When it comes to less processed foods like
Greek Yogurt or Houmus then I wouldn’t lie
awake at night wondering whether to chose the
full fat or reduced fat option next time you go to

If you read the labelling then yes the reduced
fat option will have less calories and the ingredients
will be much the same but you then have to consider
how satisfied you feel eating the reduced fat option
over the full fat option.

Do you just end up eating more of the reduced
fat option because it doesn’t fix your cravings?

Or because you think you can get away with
eating more because it’s reduced fat?

That’s something you need to decide

Bottom line though.

You need fat in your diet.

You may not need to reduce your total
fat intake but you more than likely need to
change the type of fat your eating so your
cravings become less, your hormones
become balanced and you find it easier to
lose weight whilst feeling much healthier.

If you’re a Fit Body Farm member and
need more clarity then drop me an email
and I’ll be happy to point you towards a
help video we have on this subject.

Gavin ‘my opinion’ Hogarth

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