Breaking the Truth to Anna

‘Gavin FBF sounds fab, the exercise plan is 

 What i find hard is the complete
 change to my eating habits.

I drink coffee,
I love bread especially homemade fresh

I enjoy pasta, I like yoghurt, I love
 veg so that’s fine, I hate

eggs and I don’t
drink milk. I do enjoy a wee glass of vino

at the weekend. If I could do your exercise
with a less intense

focus on your diet I would
 love it.’


Let’s look at what she says

‘FBF sounds fab, the exercise plan is perfect’

Why thank you Anna. We like to create our own unique workouts so

you never get bored.

‘I find completely changing my eating habits hard’.

I would too Anna. That’s why we don’t ask you to change everything

in one fell swoop. We look at what your biggest personal struggle is

(energy, cravings,digestion etc) then we tell you what foods/habits

could be causing these problems whilst at the same time telling you

what foods to focus on adding to your diet.

‘I drink coffee’

I’m cool with that Anna unless

a) You can’t start the day without one

b) Your energy levels are poor. Nothing wrong with a few cups of

coffee a week but if you’re relying on multiple cups throughout the

day then that’s not good for your health and energy levels

‘I love bread’

As do I Anna but if you struggle with bloating, digestive issues

and cravings then bread is a likely contributor.

‘I enjoy pasta’

I’ve no expectation that you’re never going to have pasta again

Anna. We’ll tell you the best type to have and when it’s best to eat

pasta so you don’t get bloated and you don’t add fat to your love


‘I hate eggs’

Ok there are plenty of other protein sources out there Anna but

don’t close off your mind completely to new foods. It can take 15

attempts of trying a new food for your taste buds to change.

‘I like yogurt, I don’t drink milk’

Like bread, some people can struggle to digest milk and yogurt

Anna. Plus a lot of sugary yogurts massively increase your cravings

You might also struggle with a skin or breathing condition .

We can show you the best options to have so you get healthier, leaner

and lose fat easier.

‘I do enjoy a wee glass of vino at the weekend’.

Mines a Magners Anna. You buying? ;).

Again nobody said you’ve never to have a drink again

but unfortunately alcohol does add a lot of extra calories

to your diet and gives you the munchies to. Late night

takeaway anybody?

Bottom line is that none of what Anna is saying matters

unless she’s unhappy with how she looks and feels.

Keep doing what your doing.

Thing is though, I’m concerned for you Anna.

You’ve procrastinated over joining FBF for a while now so

clearly you’re not happy about something?

And the longer you leave it then the longer you stay unhappy

Yes you must be willing to put some effort in otherwise we can’t help you.

But the way I see it is you have a problem and we most

likely have the solution

And if you’re unsure we can trial each other with 3 dates in a week first

Ok that sounds a bit dodgy haha

What I meant was, you can try our experience week first

By clicking here and choosing the group that suits you best.

It’s just like going shopping online

Even better you can move between groups if you need to.

Gavin ‘problem solver’ Hogarth


”Just read your email and I am pleased
to say I don’t fit in with Anna’s thinking.

My eating habits have been totally
turned around, I am adding food that
I never tasted before.

It’s taking a bit of getting used to but
I persevered because I can see results
and feel a whole lot better because
I am achieving some thing and enjoying
it which is a bonus.”

That’s what Tracey sent me yesterday.

She only started this 5 weeks ago and
is feeling like a new women already.

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