Have you mis-understood me like Anna?

Got an email from a lady (we’ll call her Anna)

the other day who has hummed and hawed

about joining FBF for months and months now

May be you have as well?

‘Gavin FBF sounds fab, the exercise plan is 

What i find hard is the complete 
change to my

eating habits. I drink coffee,
I love bread especially

homemade fresh
bread, I enjoy pasta, I like yoghurt,

I love
veg so that’s fine, I hate eggs and I don’t

milk. I do enjoy a wee glass of vino
at the weekend.

If I could do your exercise
with a less intense focus

on your diet I would 
love it.’

Have you been put off because you think
we operate

a ‘strict diet’ at Fit Body Farm?

If so then you’ve probably mis-understood
 just like

Anna has (I’ll tell you why soon)

Let me say first

What’s the point in starting a diet that

you have very little belief you can sustain?

Yes we’ve got advanced strategies we use
to break

through weight loss plateau’s but
 these are reserved

for people that are
already healthy and we’ve helped

change their habits so they are mentally

 physically ready for the next challenge.

^^^ If you think you’re already there then drop

me an email as we may have openings next

month for an advanced programme ^^^

Anyways most people I speak to don’t want

(or need) another extreme diet

(someone mentioned the water diet the

other day – wtf?) BUT the pressure to

get results quickly makes fads the popular

choice for weight loss

No body seems to think about the 96% of

people of dieters who regain all the weight

or more within a year.

On the other hand, we’re proud of the 76%

of people who come to FBF and a year later

they are maintaining their results or still

seeing improvements

Clearly we’re doing something right

Might be just what you need?

Drop me an email and let’s find out :)


keep letting your beliefs hold you

Gavin ‘mis-understood?’ Hogarth

P.S Sounds like Anna has the wrong

mindset when it comes to food. It’s

called a scarcity mindset. In other

words she is only focused on giving

things up and feeling deprived rather

than adding foods and behaviours to

her routine that give her a sense of

achievement that make her want to

keep going towards to getting the

results she wants.

I’ll tell you what my response to her

was next time.

I might even ask her out for a wee

vino next weekend 😉

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