Killer Whales in Bath Tubs

How would you feel if you spent 25
years in a bath tub?

That was one question getting asked
in a shocking documentary I watched
last week

It was all about Killer Whales being kept
in captivity and as a result seriously
injuring and in some cases killing their

Sometimes in front of live audiences
at places like Sea World

Back in 1993 I was thrilled by the famous
Shamu performing his tricks and soaking
the crowd that sat 20 rows back from his
‘bath tub’

Sound like bath time in your house? haha

The documentary called ‘black fish’ showed
footage of a large number of cases where
these apparently harmless whales have
turned on the trainers.

One trainer was dragged by his foot to the
bottom of the tank repeatedly for up to a minute
at a time before escaping.

Another had a 10 tonne Killer Whale jump and
land on top of him

Worst of all was the female trainer that was
literally left in pieces after 2 whales attacked her
(no footage of that thankfully – just the story)

It’s a multi billion dollar attraction so no surprise
that Sea World’s owners did everything possible
to cover up the incidents usually by blaming
‘trainer error’ or spinning some wild story to avoid
taking the rap themselves

Human nature I guess.

Comes down to most people living in a place of
blame, excuses and in denial,

Telling the same story over and over to the
point they convince themselves that they are
happy for ‘the show’ to carry on

Even though the same mistakes keep
repeating themselves again and again

They don’t learn

You can become stuck in your own bath tub
years just like those whales

Seeing the same views in the reflection of
the glass every day

Swimming round in circles looking for a way

Getting more and more bored and frustrated

May be even turning on the people closest to
you to pass on the pain you’re feeling.

You can’t blame those whales

They don’t have a choice.

Lucky you do if you’re willing to step up, stop
playing in your bath tub, click here, free yourself
and jump into the ocean

Gavin ‘free willy’ Hogarth

P.S One of the whopping lies they tell at Sea World
is that Killer Whales live for longer in captivity
(25 – 35 years) and have a better quality of life.


Think they’re living in fantasy world not Sea World

Turns out Killer Whales can live up to 100 years old
in the wild

As for the better quality of life being kept captive
in their bath tub?

Possibly. If the whales have never known any
different that is.

Guess you could discover what they haven’t
when you go here

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