Ever done what Iain did? Bet you £5 you have….

Ok, so look, I’m gonna level up with
you right now, before I crack on

I’ve DONE this.

Plenty of times in the past, before I ‘saw the light’

Being beaten, by yourself, before you’ve begun.

People do this ALL the time.

In life, in fat loss/body composition goals, in fitness
goals, in sports.

In fact, back in my University days I remember at
the start of a Cross Country race, my mate Whits
(Iain Whitaker) and I, had a bet.

We were quite similar fitness levels so we’d often
GO WILD 😉 and put £5 on who would beat the
other one.

The thing was I knew exactly when I was going
to beat him – I was already dreaming what I was
going to spend my £5 on before the race started

How did I know this?

Because during the warm up I listen to Whits
reeling off excuses as why he wasn’t gonna do
any good.

‘I’m just not feeling that great’

‘My hamstring a bit tight’

‘I’m actually not really bothered how I run today’

Thing is there was actually nothing wrong with
him and he’d always get through the race just fine

But he was doing two things with these

1) Laying down his ‘get out of jail free’ cards so
that if he didn’t do well then he had an excuse

2) Basically condoning himself before he even

I knew immediately, 100%, that I’d beaten this
Whits before the gun even went off.

So what’s this gotta do with you?

Well chances are you might well have been
beaten at something before even starting.

It often goes like this:

1) Decide to make a change or get a result
or be what/who you want to be

2) Find out what you need to do in order to
achieve the above

3) Talk the talk

4) Negative thoughts creep in – will I fail?
can I do this? Is it too hard? Too much effort?
Can I afford it? Do I have time?
Is it realistic for me? Do I even need to?

5) We LOOK for excuses – seriously.

We actually physically try to FIND reasons
why we CAN’T do the thing we need to do
to get whatever it is we want to get.

6) We rationalise those excuses in our
minds – no matter how bad deep down
we know we’re lying to ourselves, we tell
ourselves bullshit stories in an attempt
to rationalise those excuses – ‘I can’t
possibly do X because of Y’.

7) We go back to exactly how we were

8) Something happens/changes/we have
that ‘aha’ moment – and go back to
stage 1 . . . again.

And most people cycle through these
stages their ENTIRE LIFE

Y’see – we BEAT ourselves BEFORE
we’ve even started out.

We’ve LOST before even getting off the

Maybe for some people that’s cool. And
y’know what, if that’s you, and you’re happy
with that – genuinely – then for sure, carry on.

But come on, really?

How messed up is it that WE actually,
actively spend time TRYING to find
excuses NOT to do the things we need
to do to get what WE want.

It’s a whole new level of self sabotage.

So look, IF you;re someone who’s trapped
in that cycle of negativity, of literally
even moved, AND you want that to change . . .

Reach out.

I’m here.

Wanting to help you out.

Hit reply and we’ll start a conversation

Gavin ‘did I win our bet?’ Hogarth

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