Everything is awesome (until it’s not)


You might not be able to get those words
out your head after you watch the video clip

(you’ll need to watch 20 secs ads first)

Apologies in advance

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Yep it’s from the Lego Movie

Quirky, fun film (even for adults) if you’ve not
seen it

So the little Lego characters live in a world
where everything is…well…awesome

Everyone’s always happy

Everyone’s Fit and Healthy

Everyone’s supporting each other

Everyone’s following the same success manual

Life is awesome!

Until it’s not (as the Emmet the main character find’s out)

When you join a programme like the Fit Body Farm
you’ll have days, weeks and even months when
everything is awesome and you feel unstoppable


At some point you will be tested and have your
resolve challenged

I’m 100% sure on this

See when your clothes start becoming looser,
you feel yourself getting fitter, being more energetic,
becoming more confident, having a more positive
outlook and becoming happier

You need to be ready

Because all or some of the following things WILL
happen at some point

****So think about what you’ll do when….***

– You feel you’ve done everything right but
you lose no weight one week?

– Your mum asks when are you going to
start eating normally again as she pushes
the biscuit tin towards you?

– A friend says ‘there’s nothing wrong
with you, you look fine as you are?’

– A college tells you ‘you’re doing it wrong’

– Something clashes with your workout?

– You get ill/an injury niggle?

– Willpower runs out and you eat
something that you know isn’t good
for you?

– You have a dip in motivation?

We see these things happen. It’s normal.

And because we’ve been successfully helping
people lose weight and keep it off for nearly
4 years now we have the right strategies and
people in place to pull you back up when things
aren’t quite so awesome

We’ll share them with you and help you come up
with your own bullet proof strategies.

First step is applying to join here

Once you have strategies in place to cope then
periods when you act or eat out of emotion will
be shorter lived and far less frequent and

Gavin ‘pre-empting’ Hogarth
P.S Can’t stop singing that song can you 😉

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