What a Total AskHole

Ever came encountered an askhole?

That someone who constantly asks
for your advice but never listens to it

I’ve come across quite a few in my time

’What do think of this food?’

‘What’s the best exercise for getting rid
of my stomach?

‘How can I can reduce reduce my knee

“Any tips to reduce cravings?’

‘Why am not losing weight?’

These are all totally fair questions.

May be you have similar ones? Let me know

But we had this one member a while back

Let’s call him Askhole Andy

Everyone time I saw him he had a new
question or moan

He’d grab me before and after classes

He’d email me

He’d send me facebook messages

He’d call me

He’d text me in the middle of the bloody night

Now I’m totally cool answering people’s questions

After all I’m all about helping people push through
their struggles

But this guys took the frickin biscuit

Not because the question’s he was asking

Not because of him always contacting me

It was because he never took action on any
of the advice I gave him

It’s like he was hoarder of information

Constantly gathering it but never doing
anything with it

Part laziness

But more likely his mind became so full
of ‘stuff’ he felt he need to do that he ended
up massively overwhelmed which leads to
procrastination which leads to you actually
taking no action at all

It’s people like askhole Andy that has inspired
me to make changes at FBF on two fronts

1. We’ve kicked off our new Ninja System.

It stops overwhelm and creates a pathway
for long term sustainable change through
daily action that you believe you can do

2. You are now required to apply to join
the Fit Body Farm.

This surprises some people but here’s the thing

We provide a high end level of coaching and
truly value what we do to improve the quality
of peoples lives

We’re not just for anybody or any type of person

We want to help people who maybe experiencing
things like

– Not being able to climb stairs without being out of breath

– Feeling anti social and dreading nights out 

– Making up excuses not to go in the pool on holidays

And they see the value of investing the time and money
to change their current position

The first bit of time that’s worth you investing is
10 minutes filling in this form

If you aren’t prepared to do that then you’re not
going to be a good fit for our new 8 week transformation

I’m cool with that

I just accepted 2 people onto the programme
this afternoon and both of them said that simply
just getting their thoughts down on paper help
really clarify things and helped them pushed forward

And that was even before they even had their
strategy call with me
Gavin ‘no more hoarding’ Hogarth
P.S New facility at the farm is coming on quickly

3 weeks til opening…

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