Hit Stacey like a Lightening Bolt

In the last couple of weeks Stacey had
‘Had a night out for a friends birthday’

‘Had a weekend away with her boyfriend’

‘Travelled to England for her Aunt’s funeral’

‘Been working a lot of night shifts’

That’s what she told me when I asked how
she was getting on at FBF

It was followed with

‘So my eating has gone to pot’

I didn’t react

We were just about to start a workout

And, at that moment I wanted her to
focus what was controllable right now
– her workout

Not feeling negative about her eating

But after she’s told me her story something
must have smacked Stacey right between
the eyes like a Lightening Bolt

Because she came up to me after the
workout and apologised

I asked what she was saying sorry for

‘I realised that I’ve just been using being
busy as an excuse for eating poorly

I need to change that story’

I was impressed

Very few people admit the truth to themselves

(If you’re ready to then go here)

But you need to otherwise you’ll never move

Of course the easier option is to pretend
everything is ok

Or in Stacey’s case, tell herself that because
of a certain situations (like the ones she listed)
then that means her healthy eating habits will
crumble – like she had no choice.

Now incase you think I’m a mean mofo

I’m not for a minute playing down the
significance of something like her Aunt’s funeral.

Of course that event in itself would be very
emotional and the fact Stacey had to travel
for it means that food choices are perhaps
more limited

And after all we all have lives to live – jobs
to go to, people dependant on us, parties,
holidays, births, deaths.

There’s so much happening

Routine feels like its becoming harder to find

(Write this down)

If you are to succeed in the weight loss game
you MUST STOP tell yourself that it’s the situation’s
fault or another person’s fault for what you put in
your mouth

If you’re telling yourself that story right now then
you need to focus on changing it

You don’t need to make dramatic changes to every
facet of you life right now

Start by recognising when you’re telling yourself
that all to familiar story AGAIN

Either in your head or to somebody else

LISTEN to what you’re saying

And when you’re just about to say or do the
same thing you always say or do


You’re sabotaging yourself

You have a choice to change that story

If you are ready for this change, ready to
commit to yourself and are feeling motivated
right now, YET you just need guidance and help

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Gavin ‘lightening bolt’ Hogarth
P.S Someone asked me the other day why
it’s application only

There’s some very good reason’s for this
based on a story I’ll tell you next time

Stay tooooned 🙂

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