That was the chant in bar I was in on Saturday

After losing the final last year Glasgow Warriors
had just won their first ever major trophy, romping
to victory over Munster

FINALLY something to celebrate in Scottish Rugby!

Before the match do you think the players would
have be struggling for motivation to train hard,
eat healthily, recover well and do all the little
things to give them the chance to get the best
result possible?

Certainly not

But for us mere mortals getting ourselves
‘up for the battle’ can be a challenge at times

Before I get into how to refined your motivation
let me just say that periods where you lose
your motivation and feel like you’ve failed are
normal – do you think fitness coaches are
super pumped about doing burpees and
eating chicken and broccoli?

Hell no. The key is to be excited about either

A – moving further away from the position you’re
currently in


B – moving towards a position where you’re
happy and confident with your health and

So with this in mind here’s how to refined
your motivation


1) If you’re just starting out on a weight loss
journey OR if you’ve lost weight but are
struggling for motivation now then write down
all the things that are pissing you off about
your life right now or used to pissed you off

Could be hating going clothes shopping
because nothing sit’s properly and you just
buy things that hide you rather than what
you want


Making up excuses to avoid nights out
because you’re too embarrassed about
how you look

Whatever fuels your fire


2) Write down every little dream or
desire you have, like…

Having more energy to be able to do
all the activities that your kids love with
getting out of breath or feeling silly


Get the old you back, the fitter , healthier version .
The confident one that loves shopping and
being out without feeling self conscience

Again make it detailed and personal to you

Now ask yourself what’s stopping you moving
away from your current position and towards
your dreams and desires?

I’m assuming Guidance, Support, Accountability
and a push (or injection of adrenaline) to get
started, right?

Anyone who wants to see an improved quality
of life simply must have these things


Go here and let’s do it

Gavin ‘sweet victory’ Hogarth
P.S If you’ve written down the answers to
numbers 1 and 2 above then you’ve already
got most of this application filled out – you
just need to follow through with the rest now.

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