It’s a LIE

No Pain, No Gain!


I used to think that but today I’ll tell you

why I now think it’s one of the worst

expressions in fitness.


In fact I cringe every time I hear someone

say it.


Here’s my gripe…..


When you’re a relatively inexperienced

exerciser then you can easily mis-interpret

what the no pain, no gain thing is all about

and become blinded in your pursuit of to

lose weight and become happier.


I totally get it by the way.


When you’re feeling motivated at the start

of the programme you have a determination

not to let anything stand in your way.


When it comes to exercise you’ve promised

yourself, regardless of the pain you are in that,

every rep of every movement of every workout

must be completed.


You told yourself you can’t fail again – the pain

of failure must be avoided at all costs.


Not only that but you don’t want to show

weakness in front of others or have others

look down on you because you can’t do



The result, of this hard core mindset

you adopt, is you pushing through injuries

in the hope that they will miraculously get

better with every rep.


And yes sometimes the pain does go

away during the workout – adrenaline

is a wonderful pain killer.


It’s only later that day or the next day

that you think ‘Oh s*** I pushed it too far’


^^^If that’s you then please listen up^^^


Any pain you feel should just be gradual

muscle burn and mental pain as you feel tired,

you’re breathing heavily and your heart rate

is up.


That’s all gooood.


But any sharp, sudden or shooting pains then

stop immediately.


By stopping and avoiding any movements

that cause pain for the rest of the workout

you may find that’s all that’s required for

you to be back in action the next day.


And if it is still bothering you over the next few

days then go and see a physio so you understand

what the problem is and what you need to do to

fix it.


People think it shows weakness to quit but

I believe there are cases, like today’s example,

that it shows strength to stop and adapt.


The thing (well one of the things haha) that’s

cool about FBF is that although we train in

groups we get to know our members individually.


So if they do come to us with an injury or

develop one then we can help them out by

either scaling down an exercise which is

problematic or giving them a completely

different exercise so they are still getting

a good workout.


Should anyone need treatment from a physio

then we are happy to work with yourself and

the physio to get you back to full capacity.


Not sure you’d get that level of help and

attention at your typical gym class?



Gavin ‘train SMART’ Hogarth



P.S Want some accountability and support

rather than trying to do it all yourself?


Let’s get you moving forward


Reach out now and tell me


– About yourself and how you’re feeling right now?

– What goals you have and what really matters to you?

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