We love to swing…Oh…er…;)

Had a pretty epic day on Sunday with

some FBF members, their friends and


Part of being an FBF member is the
opportunity to take part in fun events
that may also push you out your
comfort zone

This time 16 of us headed off to
Peebles to take part in Go Ape…

– Balance bridges up in the trees

– 350m Zip lines through the tree

– Tarzan swings out of the trees.

Quite a few members were visibly
terrified – pale faces, deep breathing,
hands shaking, fear of the unknown.

Why would you pay for something that
makes you feel like that?

And I think this is something that doesn’t
make sense to some people when it comes
to exercise.

The anticipation of feeling out of breath,
having burning muscles, feeling heavy
and tired can put you off exercise or have
you talk yourself out of a workout

Guess what chica?

It’s natural to have an element of fear
before doing something which is going
to challenge you

I feel it every week


If you don’t face fear frequently 
then you’re

holding yourself back,
playing life too safe

and truth is
you may as well start crossing

 the days until your funeral right now

Stop and think about that a sec ^^^

You may not enjoy feeling uncomfortable
at the time but you sure as hell feel
exhilarated afterwards and have a
renewed self belief that you are capable
of more than you thought

I saw this in abundance after Go Ape on
Sunday and those people who overcame
their fears are already planning their next

At FBF we actually track our members
levels of self belief and confidence

We regularly have people reporting of going
from having no belief in their ability to
achieve what they really want to having
massive belief in themselves and loving
taking on new challenges to test themselves.

^^^ Imagine that for a moment ^^^

You can feel your self belief and confidence
soar too but you must step out of your
bubble of comfort first – it’s the only way.

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Gavin ‘loves to swing’ Hogarth
P.S Next group challenge….

White water rafting?

If you’re an FBF member and reading this then
let me know your thoughts

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